Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Junior Hubby's 'Best of 2012' Awards

This is running a bit late seeing that we are almost into February, but I figure better late than never to pay homage to my favorite women of the past year. Obviously, there is no huge criteria as to the individual accomplishments of the particular year or mass appeal. I'm confident in saying that I'm probably addicted to porn and to women in general, and this is a review of what I had been crushing on for 2012. Without further adieu, the awards go to:

Amateur Of The Year- Fyona Ryder
This young hottie is just starting to break into the porn scene, but has been gracing the tumblr crowd with her candid homemade pics. This is where the appeal comes in. The hottest stuff I've ever seen of her is what she takes from her phone. Her face, with none of that professional studio makeup, is cute and hot at the same time. Oh, and then there's her body. Perfect big tits and perfect round ass on a really nice frame. In other words, elite status if you like curves. I don't know if her beauty is going to show through in professional porn the way it is in her natural state, but the latter is probably hotter anyway. If she goes the "amateur porn" route, she's going to be a top draw. You have to see for yourself if you haven't already. She's @FyonaRyder on twitter and you can check her out.

Domme Of The Year- January Seraph
I've explained what I love about Mistress January before on this blog, so no need to go into it too much further. To be quite honest, it's not about anything she has done this particular year that gives her the award. But until somebody knocks her off the pedestal, she's still my favorite Domme. I will say this, Aiden Starr and Mistress T are gaining ground.

Scene of the year- Nicole Aniston and Deviant Kade in 'Femdom Ass Worship 15', Evil Angel and Meanbitch Productions
I had always loved and everything it stood for. My envy for the males in each scene ran deep, but this scene floored me. 2013 Penthouse Pet of the Year Nicole Aniston does a Femdom scene. That sentence alone should make it a must see for anyone into dominance and submission. This top of the line beauty gets her ass and feet worshipped by Deviant Kade, the guy I have mentioned before in my Puppy Play blog entry and who I now consider the luckiest submissive on Earth. What makes this scene great is that Nicole is not some run of the mill beauty queen who has no clue what to do with this power. The fire in her striking eyes when she puts Kade in his place shows her range in the industry. The way she talked to him was amazing and put me in subspace immediately. I can't imagine there being an equal to this scene anytime in the near future. You just have to order this movie, trust me. She knows what she's doing, and upon further investigation, I learned from her in an interview that she has been dominating boys in one way or another since before she got into the industry. How perfect is Nicole Aniston?

Woman Of The Year- Phoenix Marie
Truth be told, Sara Jay was a close second in this category the way she hypnotizes me with her ridiculously awesome figure. However, the new champ reigns supreme. No matter what the occasion, Femdom, interracial, foot fetish, cuckold, or just watching an interview, Phoenix Marie has been my go-to girl for the entire year. I've mentioned what I like about her before, and it holds true. I don't get tired of her. Her body competes with anyone who has ever been on film, and I guess I just click with her personality overall. Not sure how else to explain it. Thank you, Phoenix, for letting us admire you.

Junior Hubby's Hall of Fame

No awards show can be complete without my favorites of all time. A lot of outstanding women enter and leave the spotlight, and some have made it to all time great status when it comes to the industry, but there are those few that I hold in higher regard. That is what my hall of fame will entail.

Samantha Strong
I've also done an earlier blog entry about her. She is the gateway to my attraction to the individual star rather than porn itself. At the time, scenes were just scenes and the sex was the main attraction until I saw her. She was the hottest woman in the industry at the time to me. I thought she was the most beautiful one doing it and couldn't imagine anyone more attractive letting me indulge in my sexual fantasies.

Shanna McCullough

Shanna is considered a lifetime achiever in that she started in the industry in the 80's. I was too young to know her at that time, but she resurfaced in the mid 90's and that's where she caught my eye. It was a scene in 'Bobby Sox' where she played a dominant female and made a guy dress up like a woman and lick her boots that absolutely hooked me. She's gorgeous, and that played really well into my introductory stages of Femdom in my earlier years. Since then I had seen her do lots of hot interracial stuff which drove me insane with lust for her. It was hard finding a great pic of her from the internet because she wasn't as mainstream at the time. But if you haven't seen her movies, they do her all the justice in the world.

Johnni Black
This was another star that arrived in the 90's during my first stages of full time pornographic exposure. She was not overly hyped like Jenna Jameson or Janine as a sex symbol, but I was most attracted to her than all others. I can't explain it exactly, but maybe there was some sort of MILF quality to her that appealed to my submissive tendencies for admiring those who could be dominant. Initially, I had only seen her in the vanilla porn, but felt there was potential for her when it came to Femdom or fetish stuff. I was right, as later on she did a few foot fetish scenes and one or two Femdom ones. And then I saw her interracial stuff. She was so hot sucking and fucking black cock that she took what I considered an all time favorite into an even higher level. I'm really sad that she didn't have a longer career. I think she would be very popular in some of the genres today.

So that does it for my first award presentation. I hope to have this every year to honor those who keep my head in the clouds and my denied penis straining in chastity.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Tale of Two Dommes, Part 2

Driving home from my first domination session, I started to reflect on my experience overall. While in the midst of the session, I had told myself repeatedly that this wasn't for me and that I wouldn't be back. But afterwards, I thought about the good things. I could actually become her personal slave, she was unbelievably gorgeous, I would live the life I always fantasized about, and traces of the intoxicating smell of her feet were still on my body. Still, she had given me bleeding lash marks on my ass and lower back, and it was a pain I couldn't see myself enduring on even a semi-regular basis. I had to face the hard truth that living under the control of a true sadist was living a lie. Although I was a submissive man, I was not cut out for the world of s&m. Still keeping the avenue open in case I had a change of heart, I sent her another gift in appreciation of her time, which she liked. I never forgot that day and she will always hold a place in my heart as a true queen among people. But my instincts kept me from furthering that venture.

About six months later, the undeniable urge to serve a woman in person crept up again. For the longest time I wondered if I was just too nervous to do this sort of thing in person, but I also knew I wanted to give it another chance. I decided I was going to try to find a dominatrix whose specialty wasn't necessarily pain. The big lesson I had learned about finding a Domme was to pay very close attention to their specialties. If they seem to be catered more toward s&m, bondage and discipline, you may end up on the business end of some pretty harsh punishment tools. I always knew what I liked (foot worship, chastity, forced fem, etc.), but this time I really focused on that in my search. I found another Domme in the area that seemed to be more into the Goddess worship business. She had a smaller webpage, but you could still click on some sample pics of what she's all about. Some of her specialties included foot and body worship, forced fem, and forced bi as well as your typical bondage/discipline. Forced bi was always in the back of my mind, but I had never thought about really living out the fantasy. This woman was really hot too, a brunette with a great figure as well, so I knew that once in her presence, I could endure a lot of humiliation even if it included sucking another guy off. I gave her a call, and it's funny that I remember the conversation so vividly, but she immediately asked me what I was into. I guess it caught me off guard because in conversations with my former Mistress, she made it clear that she had her own agenda and my fantasies would be mostly an afterthought. This Mistress was asking me what I wanted and I wasn't ready to give this kind of response. I told her I was definitely into feet, and I decided to tell her that I was also curious about forced fem and forced bi. She said ok, and told me the details and we agreed on a time to meet. She told me to show up at the intersection of two of the big streets near her place and then call her for more details.

When I got there and called her, she told me about a house on a corner of the main street I was on and to park in the driveway and knock on the door. I thought to myself how odd it seemed to just show up at a house because she made it sound as if she had a studio that she used. I decided to just go for it and drive up to the house. When I knocked on the front door, I noticed a sign that had her name on it in the window. I knew I was at the right house. She answered, wearing one of those leather biker's caps that you sometimes see a dominatrix wear, a black leather corset, a black thong for bottoms, and thigh high black suede boots. She was very petite as she couldn't have been taller than 5'2" without heels. She gave a smile and I told her my name and she let me in. She led me to one of the back bedrooms. It just felt weird being in someone's house instead of the dungeon like atmosphere that I experienced before and always read about. Nevertheless, the room was complete with toys all over the walls and it was a functional BDSM room. She gave me an application and told me to fill it out, get naked, and wait on my knees in the middle of the room with an erection. She also handed me some baby oil to help me get erect. She said she would be back soon and left the room. With my past experience, in terms of treatment, it felt like I had gone from the Holiday Inn to the Ritz Carlton. After filling out the application which consisted of my interests and expectations, getting naked, and stroking myself while on my knees, my mind started to race. There was loud, eerie new age music playing, and that was also messing with my head. I started to wonder if she was going to be dominant enough, or if life really could be this splendid under a Mistress. Then I started to wonder if she was a serial killer since I was in this house all alone, naked, with loud music playing and my back to the door. I decided there is no way she had all of this equipment and didn't use it. I started to relax and build up an erection.

When she returned, she came up and took my application. While she read it, I stroked my oiled up cock while staring at her nice ass, virtually uncovered by her thong. I was still a bit nervous, but I hadn't come in a few days so I was also pretty horny. While she read my app, she asked if I wanted an additional application to become a live-in slave. I couldn't believe it. I was already being considered by her. I thought to myself, "do these Dommes only work with older married guys or what?" Unfortunately, I was at a point in my life where I was starting to move up in my job and didn't want to mess that up. I felt that I wasn't in a place in my life where I could do something like this. I told Mistress I couldn't apply for a live-in position. With that, she started the session. She put a pearl necklace on me and also made me put on some pantyhose with a hole in the crotch. She told me if I was going to be a girl, I would have to shave my body for next time. Then she told me the rules of the session, always ask permission to speak, the safe word, and to always keep my clit hard for her. She saw that I was losing my erection. I was nervous. She said I will be punished for it. She made me lay over her for an OTK spanking. She put my dick between her legs and started to paddle me. This was not like the whipping I had received in the past. This was actual force to my ass and the stinging was delicious. I was hurting, but I liked it. She switched to a flogger and it got even worse. But I liked it. I felt like I found my niche. I realized I could stand some pain, but not extreme pain. I don't remember exactly how long that lasted, but she finally told me to get down like a dog and kiss my boots and thank her for punishing me. I obeyed and was actually having fun. I started licking her boots and sucking the toe of one boot like it was a cock. When she tired of that, she had me suck a nice sized realistic looking dildo. She had me deep throat it, and commended me on how good I was doing. She told me she knew a couple of guys in the neighborhood who she could pimp me out to. Her verbal abuse was putting me in subspace for sure. I felt like a two bit whore sucking on her dildo. After awhile, she decided I was going to get fucked like a whore too.

She bent me over onto some device and tied me to it. I still don't know what it was, but it had me on my hands and knees and I couldn't move my ass. She then put on some rubber gloves and lubed up my asshole. Before I knew it, she was penetrating me with a vibrating dildo. She told me how much of a slut I was for cock and how well I was taking it. She told me she didn't believe for one second that I was a virgin. After awhile, she decided that she wanted me to come for her. I had written down in the application that I did not expect release, but it was up to her. In this case, she wanted me to come. She counted down. Since I basically had denied my orgasm for so long, I was able to come right when she told me. So by the count of one, and come, I shot all over a towel she laid out in front of me while she rammed the vibrating dildo as far up my ass as she could. I was actually quite disappointed that I didn't get to lick her feet and that I came already. I was ready to go home. As I took off the necklace and panty hose, she commented on how nervous I was. I told her I knew and that I did enjoy myself. She told me that she really likes to watch big cocks come. I knew that I was of decent endowment, but was flattered by this woman who must have a decent amount of experience giving me such a compliment. As I got dressed, we made small chat and I could tell she liked me. It was more like playful flirting. This was nothing like a demanding bitch Mistress who I better obey or else. This was more like a hot girl who shared the same interests as me and who I would love to serve. As she walked me out the front door, she told me to be good and that she'd see me next time.

I left her house and had a very reflective drive home. All I could think about were the logistics of me being her full time slave. How happy I could be. I knew I was a hard worker and could prove to her that I would be an asset to keep for years and maybe a LTR. Unfortunately, what I considered common sense at that time took over. I decided that life wasn't supposed to be like that. I was supposed to have a career, wife, and kids. Very shortly after that visit, I met my current wife, so that was the last time I saw Dominatrix #2. Which fast forwards me to present day. Maybe I was right all along. Maybe I would get tired of being someone's full time slave. And maybe my self esteem and sense of self worth would put me in a depression if that's all that became of my life. Still, I have always wondered and will always wonder if that was my intended lot. I'll always wonder if having a fulfilled sex life would make me a happier person overall than I am now. I'll never stop wondering.

Two different Dommes, two completely different experiences. The world of dominance and submission has proven to cover a very wide spectrum of fun and fantasy. There is definitely something out there for everyone.

Friday, January 11, 2013

A Tale of Two Dommes, Pt. 1

When I realized my intense desire to submit to a woman, I knew that I was eventually going to have to fulfill my need to session with a Dominatrix. I had seen hints of S/m and D/s play in the mainstream while growing up. The ones that were seared into my brain included a scene in 'Moving Violations' (an 80's comedy) where Sally Kellerman dominated the movie's antagonist, and also 'Bikini Summer 2' (an early 90's B movie) where a rich guy had a Mistress who made him crawl like a dog and lick her shoes. I also learned from HBO's Real Sex about sessioning with professional Dommes. Although I found these things erotic at that time, I didn't know how much I would eventually crave this type of sex life until my self discovery at around age 19, which I mentioned in my initial post on this blog. With all the knowledge I had built up, I knew it was possible, and I knew it was what I wanted. It was inevitable that I was going to learn what it was like to be dominated by a female in person. In time, I would session with two different Dominatrices, and I was amazed at how they helped me learn more about myself as a submissive.

I will start with my first ever Mistress. Coming out of college, the internet was in full swing and it was easier to find a Dominatrix than ever before. I stumbled upon Max Fisch's Domina guide, which had a list of prodommes categorized by state and city. There was a list of about ten in my area, and one stood out from the rest. She was stunningly beautiful with long platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. She also had a perfect 10 figure complete with big boobs and I really couldn't believe that someone this gorgeous was open for sessions so close to me. From what I had researched, she was fairly popular in the scene and had a website. She looked to be more professional than the others. I quickly became a member of her site to see her pictures. She was very sadistic and most of the pictures showed her beating her slaves and putting them in various stages of pain. Her beauty put me in a trance and made me want to be beaten by her. I called to schedule an appointment. She warned me how cruel she could be, and I told her I was ready to accept whatever she wanted to do to me. We also sent a couple of emails back and forth to confirm the time and day of the session, and also what was expected of me. I couldn't believe I was actually going to be living out such a long held fantasy of mine.

I met her outside of her dungeon. She had gotten there the same time I did so it was a little different than your "knock on the door and enter" type situations. She got out of her car in a tight black dress with black open toed high heel slides and I just couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked. I must have looked like a gawking idiot because I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in person. She pulled a bag out of her car and told me to carry it. I remember thinking how nonchalantly . Sshe gave me the order as if it was my duty. I liked being told what to do in such an immediate fashion. She told me to follow her inside. I couldn't help but just stare at her beauty as I walked behind her. The way her hips and ass perfectly filled out her dress and how luscious her calves looked. Once we got inside the main door of the dungeon, she showed me different room and finally led me to the main dungeon room. That's when I gave her a gift along with her tribute. She took them as I looked around. The dungeon was like any fully equipped dungeon you see- St. Andrews Cross, whips hanging on the wall, torture bench, etc. She sat on a chair in the middle of the dungeon and told me to get undressed and fold my clothes neatly. Once I was completely naked and put my clothes to the side, she told me to sit down on the floor at her feet. As I got down on the cold, hard, concrete ground, she gave me a collar and wrist and ankle cuffs to put on. As I put them on, she told me to tell her my whole story as it pertains to why I was there. I told her about my childhood fantasies, my discovery of the fetishes that drove me, and why I chose to contact her because of her beauty and the stuff I saw on her website. She then told me to describe my biggest fantasies. I told her that my biggest fantasy was to become her live-in slave and be denied sexual intercourse forever. I told her how I'd like to suck cock for her amusement. I told her wanted my reward to be to lick the sweat from her feet. I also told her how I'd like to be denied orgasm for weeks at a time, and how on rare occasions I'd like to get the opportunity of coming on her feet and licking it up. Although I had gone through these fantasies in my head and have written or typed them before, I had never heard myself say those things out loud. It was so raw and candid, and I started to feel ashamed that the words were coming out of my mouth. The strange thing is that at the same time, I felt like I was exactly where I always wanted to be. She told me that I was a dirty pig, and that she was going to show me even more than I know about things here.

The first thing she did was tie up my penis and balls into a little egg. She then had me give her a foot massage. I was surprised that she had let me do that considering how I knew she usually treated slaves. But I soon would learn why. I took off her sexy shoes and and there they were. Soft and tanned with red polish on the toes. As I massaged her gorgeous feet, she put nipple clamps on me and clothespins on my genitals and all over my face. She laughed at how ridiculous I looked, and I was beginning to experience my first bout of physical pain at the expense of a woman She yanked the clothespins and the nipple clamps off until there was nothing left. When she tired of my massage, she told me I did a horrible job. She told me I was going to be punished. But first I was going to help her change into her outfit. She had me lift her black dress off of her body and get the leather black dress out of the bag I brought in. The leather dress was much skimpier. As I approached her to put the dress on, she told me to stop staring at her tits. She knew she was hot and no man could resist. Once I got the dress on her, she told me to get the boots out of her bag. They were black thigh high boots that laced all the way up. She had me put them on her and had me lace them up. She constantly commented on how slow and inept I was at helping her and that I was going to have to do a better job if I ever wanted to be her personal slave. About this time, I was already starting to get nervous from the anticipation of the physical punishment she had planned for me. The constant berating of my feeble attempts to please her was really getting to me. I was becoming noticeably nervous about doing things wrong. The fantasy was starting to become the harsh truth. When I finally got her boots laced up and tied, she put me face first on the St. Andrew's Cross and locked me in by my cuffs. She grabbed a small whip from the wall. She told me ten slashes was my punishment. I was now scared of what would come next. And my fears became reality with the first slash to my lower back. I experienced such a sharp pain that I could have never imagined. But the second one was even worse. I immediately wanted to go home.

"Looks like we're going to have to start over since you're not counting them out loud", she said. As the next came, I yelled "One, Mistress".

"Thank me!" she yelled violently. "Thank me for each one! And now you get ten more for that". I seriously don't know how I got through who knows how many slashes she gave me after all the additional ones she added, but I did it. She let me off the cross. But I had realized that I wasn't a true masochist. Pain was not my thing. However, the session wasn't over. I still had a lot more coming, she said.

What came next was a series of torture methods that I couldn't even keep straight in my head. I could have used the safe word, but I also had something in me that didn't want to disappoint her. She already had me believing that I was such an idiot that I was wasting her time, so I decided to do my best not to ruin her entire night. I weathered through a storm of nipple torture, candle wax, slapping, paddling, cbt, gagging me with a humongous dildo, and probably more that I can't remember. The only part I remotely enjoyed was when she had me bound to a torture bench and she took her boots off. She had me smell inside the boot and relish whatever stink had formed, and I also got her soft foot soles shoved into my face. Although I wasn't allowed to open my mouth and taste her feet, I could find some joy in smelling them and feeling them with my lips. At the end of the session, she told me that I could be considered a candidate to serve her on a more personal level over time if I was interested. She had mentioned that a lot of her clients are married and much older, so I figured it was because I was young, single, and in considerable shape. Overall I thought I had disappointed her. But maybe she did see something in me. I told her I was interested and looked forward to another session. She never let me release and told me I would not be releasing any time soon. She told me to call her after a good while for permission to come. She let me kiss her feet one last time and thank her before sending me on my way. Little did either of us know that I would be scared away forever.

To be continued...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unlocked, Released, Relocked

This past weekend marked three weeks since I was last allowed to have an orgasm. On Sunday night, I was finally granted a release. Things started out with my wife's needs first and foremost as always. It was indeed time for my scheduled release, yet she had made no motion towards the key to my chastity device. I decided to trust her judgement and say nothing. After making out for awhile and getting her wet, I went down on her. I don't know what it is about us submissive men, but giving our women oral sex is always so exciting that I could often choose that over intercourse. Maybe it is just who we are. Maybe we feel much more comfortable in the role of service than anything else. Especially in such a state of chastity, licking my wife's pussy lips and clit puts me in a state of bliss. My technique must also be better after being denied because it doesn't take long before my wife clamps down on my head with her thighs in a shuddering orgasm. This was definitely the case Sunday night. I had pleased my wife yet again.

After she got hers and finally leg go of my head, she asked me if I wanted to come. I told her yes, please. She then got the key and gave it to me. While I undid my cage, she told me that I was going to have to take care of myself, which meant I was going to have to masturbate instead of have sex with her. Once I got the cage off, I asked if I could come on her foot. She told me yes as long as I licked it up. Literally four seconds later I was shooting my load all over her foot and lower leg. When I looked down at the mess I just made, I wished I would have just gone in the bathroom and discarded all of my slime into the toilet. However, I had a job to do. I licked and slurped up bitter semen for what seemed like an eternity since there was so much. My wife laughed until I was finally done. Then she made me lock myself back up and give her the key. I knew the post-orgasm guilt would subside very soon and I would somehow be happy that I showed my wife what a pathetic excuse of a man I am.

At any rate, I'm going to try to keep my orgasm calender this year. That's one orgasm for her, one for me. Watch how quickly the numbers will turn in her favor by the end of quarter orgasm report.