Monday, July 9, 2012

Taking a Break From Submission

It could be said that my bout of submission and chastity went out with a bang. The only thing that could have topped this weekend is if I were cuckolded. Even without that, I was literally put in my place.

My wife and I got a hotel room near the nightlife as we always do on our weekend getaways. The difference this time was that I was not there to enjoy the nightlife. Instead I was made to strip naked wearing nothing but a collar, leash, and cb3000. After being ordered to use the bathroom, my wife told me to get down on my hands and knees as she led me to a dresser away from the bed. There, she tied my leash to it. She told me that I was going to stay on the floor like a good puppy and wait right there, and that if I do not obey her orders for the night, I wasn't going to be allowed to play these games ever again. I took my place on the floor as she went into the bathroom area to get dressed and freshen up. After she was done, she walked over to me and announced that she was going out and that I was going to remain where I was on the floor until she got back. She told me she was going to a few bars and if any hot guys were around she was going to
flirt with them and see where it goes. With that, she walked to the door, turned back at me, and told me to be a good boy while mommy was gone. Then she left.

At the moment when she walked out of the hotel room and the door closed behind her, I started to experience familiar feelings of helplessness. Though not on the level of being cuckolded real time and knowing it, I was indeed by myself, tied up like a leashed dog, with no room key and no chastity key. I knew that I didn't dare disobey her orders. Unleashing myself wasn't worth the risk of being caught because she could open the door at any time. Realizing this, my chastity device began to tighten up. Soon, precum was oozing out at the opening, proving my arousal at the situation.

I did have full view of the clock in the room, but that made time seem to go slower. As thirty minutes had passed, I knew that my wife was well into her first drink at least. I thought about her very outgoing personality and how she was probably in conversation with somebody. These thoughts would always keep my cb tight, especially the longer time went on. But after the first hour had past, my thoughts became more of jealousy. Not only jealous of the probability that my wife is having fun without me, but also jealous of the fact that I was not even being allowed to spend my night like a human. I was truly my wife's pet while she and all of the real human beings were enjoying the night. I started to look feverishly forward to my owner's arrival.

After two hours of a mixture of arousal, thinking about other things, and sheer boredom, my wife opened the door. I sprang to attention. She looked as if she had a few drinks, and she walked over to me. She asked if I had been a good boy and I said yes. She took off her heels and told me I could lick her feet. I put my face down and licked frantically, relishing the salty sweat. Soon she unhooked the leash from my collar, and after she got into something more comfortable, I was ordered to give her a massage and after that, oral sex. The whole time, I was being ordered around like a slave and I really felt as such. After giving her an orgasm from my oral service, she decided it was time for me to be let out of chastity. She gave me the key and told me to go take it off and clean up.

When I returned, she was lying in bed wearing nothing but a pushup bra and boy shorts. She asked if I wanted to fuck her. I said yes and I walked to the edge of the bed. I had a stiff erection, and she started petting it with her foot. I needed to enter her quickly before I had an accident. She took off her panties and told me to mount her. After months of sexual denial, it felt weird. But I entered her and shot my gigantic load. It was over just like that.

We had sex a couple more times that night and in the morning before heading home. Now that I am drained of all pent up sexual frustration, I wonder why I subject myself to such denial. But chastity is like an enticing trap. At first you don't want to be denied. At that time, orgasm is the goal for every sexual encounter. Then you are denied for a period of time and you notice the increase in arousal, so you go longer. Before you know it, you are trapped by the extreme feeling of horniness and don't want to go back. I will never understand it. Right now, I don't have to.

This blog will probably suffer as I spend my time out of submission. The thoughts that fuel my perversions are not there the way they were. They are still there, yes, but they are now a faint cry in the distance. Instead of writing a blog entry to vent my sexual frustrations, I will probably just have sex with my wife. Who knows? Perhaps this will open the door to some entirely new experiences worth writing about.