Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A sub boy's little accident

Sometimes you wait and wait in anticipation for something and then when it arrives, your excitement gets the best of you. That is what I feel happened to me Sunday night.

It had been two weeks since my wife and I had done anything in bed. Our work schedules have continued to be busy and it was hard to find time let alone energy for anything sex related. So when Sunday night came, we were relieved to have this chance. I put on some skimpy panties that were a magenta color and not silky but a very sheer material that was like the Barely There style that came out not too long ago. They felt good and revealing. I haven't had many opportunities to wear panties for her lately, so it was very exciting. She came to bed in her black teddy that accentuates her curves and really highlights her huge breasts. She wasn't wearing panties.

We started making out and I was erect immediately. She reached down and let out a moan of approval at my state. Soon she had gone down and pulled my penis out of the panties. She began sucking like a mad woman. It felt so good and she looked so hot with a dick in her mouth. In all actuality, she only sucked for about five seconds before I had to pull out. I wasn't allowed to come for another week, and certainly wasn't allowed to come by blowjob. I brought her up to kiss me a little while I collected myself. Then I decided to let her go down on me again. This time it seemed to be an even shorter time before I had to back off.

I can't be too certain, but she seemed to be getting better at this than I ever remember. Perhaps it was because I don't get to enjoy being in her mouth too often anymore, but her technique is becoming top notch. I know that her boyfriend has gotten a lot of bj time with her and he says how awesome she is at it. I think she has either learned a lot from his instruction or just gets a lot of practice with him. Either way, it makes me even weaker when she goes down on me.

After trying to maintain myself in her mouth a couple more times, it had become obvious that it wasn't working and we moved on. With my penis back in my panties, we started kissing deeply while I fingered her wettening pussy. As she got more and more turned on, she kissed more sensually and became more sexy to me. Her big boobs were pressed up against my own chest, her moans sounded sexier and sexier. Her pussy was becoming very slippery on my fingers. Suddenly, I felt something in my groin, something inevitable. I declared that I was going to come. She let out a disappointing "No", but it was too late as I froze, and then quivered. We both looked down at my panties as they flooded with my premature ejaculate. We then looked at each other and she gave me the look as if I had been bad. I gave a sincere apology and said that I really didn't want to come like this. She was convinced and actually apologized for getting me too worked up. I told her not to apologize and that it was my fault, and I made my way down to her pussy. I gave her the oral attention that she deserved until she had her own orgasm.

I was told that my denial period starts over. This will prove to be torturous because an accident like that doesn't relieve much sexual tension, if any. What's worse is that this demonstration of sexual inadequacy is like a double edged sword. Sure, chastity periods turn me into a more sensual, attentive sub. But showing that I am not capable of facilitating some of the things my wife likes, like giving blowjobs, can become a deterrent for such fun play in the future. Although my inadequacy serves as a kinky turn on for me, I also need a balance to keep her sexual attraction to me. I know I can't have true sex with my wife, nor could I perform if I were allowed to, but I must do my best to make it as fun for her as possible.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

About my Foot Fetish

In all of my blog posts, it is amazing to me that I never took more time to comment on one of the biggest, if not the biggest fetish I have. My foot fetish may be the central focus of all my kinks and sexual interests. I mentioned that feet played a very big role as a gateway to who I am as a kinkster, but I haven't gone into much detail. Some of you have realized that I am really into it by my writings, but I will try to explain the extent of my love for women's feet here.

I mentioned that the earliest memory of my discovery was from my hot aunt when I was a kid. I wanted to touch her feet so badly that I was risking embarrassment or even worse. But when I finally got up the courage to grab one of her soft, tan feet, it was like my breath was being sucked out of me. The exhilaration caused such a funny feeling that I had never felt and would rarely feel again, even to this day. From that point on, I had a crush on my aunt and stared at her feet every chance I got.

I think that is where it all started. I always looked at women's feet, but one day things changed forever. As I also mentioned in my introductory post, I saw an episode of Gilligan's Island. The episode is called 'Water Water Everywhere' and it is about not being able to purify their water or something like that, which isn't important. What is important is that Gilligan, while running towards the huts to tell Skipper some big news, slipped and fell right next to the shower curtain that Ginger was behind. She was taking a shower and Gilligan's face was now in the dirt, inches away from Ginger's feet. She raised a foot up and started wiping some of the dirt from her foot onto his face. I have no idea what happened the rest of the episode because I was in a trance. Just then I had an idea. What if men were treated as inferior to women and men had to show their gratitude by laying down before their feet? Women would shove their feet in the men's faces and the men would just grovel. It was such a novel idea at that time and age that I couldn't stop thinking about it. Here I was living in this mostly male dominated world, but the idea of having the tables turned was so erotic to me. I know I mentioned fantasizing about this, but the magnitude of my fantasies while daydreaming and every night when I went to bed gave me that same feeling I had when I first touched my aunt's foot. The thought would stay with me forever, but wear off over time.

So as I grew and began to have a genuine attraction to girls, my thoughts often turned to their feet. It was a bonus if I could ever see the feet of a girl whom I liked. Back then females were wearing Keds and other types of closed toe shoes rather than the flip flops you see today. And though it was rare, I still found them here and there, fueling my fetish. My main desire was to smell and kiss their feet with a closed mouth. All I wanted to do was smell their fragrance, and feel the flesh against my lips and face, but didn't think of anything more. That is, until I saw my first adult film that featured toe sucking. It opened up another door for me: the thought of the taste of a woman's foot. This fantasy began to build around age 18. Soon I would see my first domination scene where a Domme had two other women at her feet, one sucking her bare toes of a shoeless foot and the other sucking the heel of her stilleto which was still on her other foot. She also had a guy on the phone whom she dominated. At that point I needed to worship a woman's feet somehow. It would take a few years before I was presented with that opportunity. I was at a strip club and had a girl take me to a back room. Thinking she was about to give me a lap dance, she was surprised when I asked if I could just lick her feet. She obliged and I got the first taste of heaven. After a couple years and experiences later, I met my wife who thankfully liked having her feet worshipped.

When it comes to my love for both Femdom and feet, I'm not sure which proceeds the other. Do I like feet because I like being dominated by women? Or do I just like feet in general?

I will say that I have an attraction to feet that can be separate from anything power exchange related. Some men with foot fetishes see a beautiful woman and will end it because her feet are ugly. Actually, if I find a woman attractive, I don't care what her feet look like. I would enjoy worshipping her feet. But the opposite is also true for me. If an average to below average looking woman has cute feet and does something with them (nail polish, pedicures, etc.), I will become attracted to her because I appreciate beautiful feet so much. Sexy and curvy legs make me want a woman's feet too.

On the other hand, being dominated is also a strong part of my sexual interests. And what better way to show your adoration than by worshipping the lowest part of a woman's body? Think about what you are doing. You are licking the dirt and sweat from the dirtiest and sweatiest part of a female. If that does not show that you consider yourself beneath the woman, I don't know what does. A lot of guys prefer ass worship (actually that is hot) or getting fucked in the ass by a woman's strapon as their ultimate submission to a woman. But for my money, I want to assume the role of an animal that is inferior to humans, such as a dog, that takes great joy in tasting the stinky and nasty part of its owner.

My foot fetish is what defines me. I would rather worship my wife's feet than anything in the world. If I was only allowed one form of sexual contact for the rest of my life and my choices were intercourse, receive blowjobs, cunnilingus, analingus, and foot worship, I think I would probably choose foot worship. It is where I feel most comfortable and feel is my place in life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Demonstrating her power on my release date

After a long four weeks of hard work, busy schedules, and of course, orgasm denial, I was finally allowed to masturbate on Saturday night. It was something that was needed in my opinion. And I think it may have jump started my libido a bit.

My wife and I were laying in bed and she started her way inward signaling that I was going to get lucky. We made out until I eventually found my face in her ass while she was on all fours. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her asshole while I played with her clit. She began the serious moaning that told me it wouldn't be long. I started to finger fuck her while playing with her clit. She kept saying how good it was over and over until she came.

After laying in a post orgasmic trance, she finally rolled over and asked me how I wanted to come this time. Knowing I wasn't allowed to fuck her, I decided to try my luck and ask if I could come on her feet. She said I should probably go in the bathroom and jack off instead. I gave it one more try and promised I'd lick up all of my mess if she would let me just come on her feet. She said no, so that was that.

Getting off the bed and heading toward the master bathroom, I stopped and asked if I could play with myself just a little more in her presence before I went in there. She said yes, and I started stroking. I was near the edge of the bed, and she stuck her foot up by my face. I started licking her foot frantically like a dog who shows subservience to his owner. She smiled. Although she doesn't get off on the power in bed as much as I'd like her to, she seemed to enjoy what she had me doing before her right there and then. I refer back to most vanilla couples who have been married for a decade or so and the spark is gone. Most wives couldn't get their husbands to so much as cuddle, and here she is with a husband getting off on the taste of her foot before relishing the opportunity to masturbate to her. And that is what I did when I sat on the toilet and released four weeks worth of semen into my hand.

As I returned to the bed, she was again smiling at my predicament and asking me how it felt. When I admitted it was nothing compared to fucking her, she said good. Not long after, I couldn't keep my mind off of her and the power she has over me now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Denied but Grateful

We're in the middle of some busy times both at work and at home. There hasn't been much in the form of news on our front. It has been too hectic for either my wife or I to be in the mood. But for the first time in a couple weeks, we got some time to ourselves this weekend. It really helped get our minds back into it. It wasn't much, but it was fun.

Making out in our bed on Saturday night, I thought of the different ways I could get her off. I decided nothing could be better than the taste of her pussy after what is considered a long drought for us. So I opted to go down on her for a simple but rewarding act of cunnilingus. Since she hadn't had time for anything either, the feel of my tongue was really doing it for her. And I love worshipping her pussy, which I am forbidden to enter with my penis for the time being. It makes it all the more enjoyable knowing that I am being given a treat that is not to be taken for granted. Her "friend" doesn't eat her pussy. His game is fucking, and he does it well. She is pretty much under his control in bed when they meet up, and he chooses to spend his time fucking her pussy, mouth, or tits. So we both have our individual places in her sex life. And performing oral sex on her fits me perfectly.

After making her come with my tongue alone, she started stroking my stiff boner with her feet. Then we both realized that it had already been three weeks since I was last allowed to masturbate. She toyed with me, asking me if I deserved to jack off. I knew what she meant, though. I haven't been very attentive toward her the way I usually am. The hectic schedules all but prevented that. Still, I couldn't tell her I deserved it with a straight face. I confessed that I haven't been very good with the pampering. She agreed, and decided that I would wait one more week. At that point, I did the only thing an honest submissive husband could do. I thanked her for being fair. I promised that I would do a better job this week.

We kissed a little more and talked some. We agreed that we would try to make more time for each other. She mentioned that she had been talking to "him" on the phone here and there. My erection got as stiff as ever and I directed her hand to it, showing the effect her extra-marital affair has on me. She laughed and said something to the effect of being glad she wasn't in my frustrated situation. Then she told me to get some lotion. She said I could start on my extra care of her feet right then. And that is how she fell asleep, with me massaging them. Watching her sleep, all I could think was how I couldn't wait until they had sex again. They both deserve it.