Monday, February 27, 2012

Rule Number 1 for the Aspiring Cuckold

So you've decided that you can't just fantasize about it any longer. It has to be a real time thing because you've found your true calling. You want to be a real life cuckold. But how do you go about doing it?

Before I get going with this, I want to make it clear that I am not the foremost authority on every cuckold situation known to man. But there are some things that everyone can heed in order to get things going in the right direction. A lot of it is common sense, but many times we do not stop and think that common sense can prevail in such a bizarre situation. Nevertheless, I see some of the strangest requests among men who aspire to be a cuckold. One thing to keep in mind is that a relationship is a relationship is a relationship. If you wish to experience the kinks of being cuckolded without regard to the woman you are potentially marrying, you're headed in the direction for disaster. This brings me to, in my opinion, the biggest thing to consider if you truly want to live life as a cuckold.

Rule #1-- Find the right woman.

I know this sounds basic and obvious. But think about what this means. You cannot expect any woman you marry to become a cuckoldress. You cannot marry a woman, and then years later decide you want to turn this fantasy into reality, unless you married the right woman. This is one of the biggest problems facing wannabe cucks today. We as men don't know what we really want out of life when we are at that age when people usually get married. Or we think we do, but our biggest fantasies and desires that we think impossible at the time are stored away in a closet of denial. After settling into our marriages and becoming secure in our situations, we start to realize that we want to explore our desires. But by this time we know whether our wives will be into this or not. Usually not. I would ask this to any man who wants to know how to get his wife to cuckold them. First of all, did you marry the right type of woman for this?

A large percentage of women in western society have their version of the ideal life. Marriage, kids, career, happiness. They have no desire to stray from the core foundation of the family unit. To suggest that every married woman could act on an arousing thought of being taken away, if only for a moment, by a strange yet handsome man for some mind blowing sex is just dishonest. You will even find a percentage of women who don't even like the idea, let alone actually acting on it. Maybe it is because it goes against everything they have ever been taught. Maybe it is because in the grand scheme of things, it gets them no closer to their goal of the ideal life. Some feel the self guilt would override any experience. Whatever the reason, a huge percentage of women just won't do it no matter what. And if you are trying to convince the wrong woman to cuckold you, you will never succeed.

I think a lot of cuckolds stumbled upon the right woman due to blind luck. I feel somewhat in that category. In the beginning, I never thought my wife would go for something like this. But upon meeting her, there were some signs that attracted me to her besides the chemistry and physical appearance. She had a very wild streak. She knew how to have fun and nobody was going to stop her. Her assertiveness to have fun was a very strong sign for me because I saw her as a potential mate that could take charge of our relationship the way I had dreamed of. And that was a big part of me marrying her. But these qualities about her proved to be beneficial later on in the marriage. She was also a very sexual person, so it wouldn't be ridiculous to think she had a very active sex life before me. She confirmed as much when I had told her about my desires to be cuckolded. And that is why I think I am fortunate enough to have a wife who cuckolds me.
Because she is that type of woman.

The sad truth is that it is too late for many married guys to live out their dreams of having their wives get fucked by other men. The solution to that is to get a divorce and start over. But do the ends justify the means? Probably not if that is the only reason for divorce. So by using the logic laid out here, perhaps the unmarried men are at an even better advantage of becoming a cuck than most already married men.

I'm going to underscore that every situation and every relationship is unique in its own way. That is why I try to carefully word my assessments. There are probably some guys who can bring out an inner slut in their wives that nobody knew possible. But I truly think that in the big picture, the odds are stacked against you.

I guess my whole point here deals with the men who frequently ask for the seemingly magic formula for getting their wives to have extra-marital affairs. There is no one sure fire way that will work. But there are some ways that will work, if you marry the right woman.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughts for the Week

Things have been busy around my neck of the woods, so we haven't had much playtime. Hectic work weeks take their toll. After a weekend to recover from the daily grind, the kinky thoughts have started to flow again. I have some ideas in the works for blog entries down the line, but nothing ready as of now. So I thought I'd just share some of the fantasies and thoughts that have been creeping in little by little lately.

1) I love watching porn. I'm not talking about fetish flicks where a guy is being spanked or worshipping feet. I like those too. But I put fetish films in a different category. When I mean porn, I mean where actual sex is involved. But I like pure, straight to the point, one-on-one man and woman fucking each other and getting lost in the throes of passion porn more than anything else. Any sensuality is an added bonus. I have little use for specialties like gangbangs, double penetration, fisting, or even anal to some extent. I appreciate a sexually overcharged and heated display of intercourse, with a man driving his manhood into a wanting, willing woman's pussy and taking it as his. Perhaps it is because of my own lack of ability when it comes to making a woman bounce on my penis while maintaining absolute control.

2) Although I am a submissive in the bedroom and have no staying power whatsoever, I do not have a small penis. In fact, my wife wishes my penis could perform as good as it looks. I am not saying I am huge, but I can hardly call myself a tiny dicked wimp. The sight of my erection has gotten my wife in the mood several times, so I have to admit that I am grateful for that. So the other day I asked my wife if she would have been as attracted to me if I had a smaller member. She said yes, but I don't know the real answer for that. She likes looking at big dicks and watching them in action, as proven by the porn we watch, and has admitted in the past that little dicks make her laugh. Sometimes I wish I had an erection that was really small, about 3 1/2 to 4 inches, something embarrassing, given the possibility she wasn't lying about still having the same amount of sexual attraction to me.

3) Sometimes I think about the things my wife has done with her man that she hasn't done with me. One time he had her on the floor, topless, in between his legs while he sat back on a couch. She sucked on his cock until he exploded all over her bare tits. I can't even remember the last time I got to see my wife completely topless, and here he is with free reign of them. She says he has a lot of fun doing different things with her huge breasts.

4) I was folding laundry this weekend, and I was putting away one of my wife's dress shirts when a fantasy popped up. I fantasized about her inviting some friends over for wine. These are the friends that know about our situation. As they begin to drink and feel the effects of the alcohol, my wife starts telling them about how I like to wear her panties. I start to protest this whole conversation, but she quickly puts me in my place and tells me to shut up. They collectively decide that they want to see me in them. I am ordered to the bedroom to put on panties and display myself for their amusement. But it doesn't stop there. They have me try on different outfits and lingerie while they tell me how cute I look in each and every item. Finally, they decide on putting me in the French Maid's outfit and having me serve them drinks the rest of the night. When they eventually leave, my wife thanks me for being a good sport, and as a reward I get to dry hump her leg to completion.

5) As much cuckold angst as I've experienced in the past and as much as I would probably regret it, sometimes I think about the possibilities of never being allowed intercourse again. It makes me think about my wife fucking her man in front of me and telling me that she's never going to fuck me again. And these thoughts get me very aroused.

6) The picture below is another favorite of mine.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome Back to the Bathroom, Jackoff Boy!

In keeping with the terms of the agreement that I'm not allowed to have intercourse with my wife until her boyfriend has her next, I endured a rather embarrassing situation last night. It was time for my orgasm after a long three weeks. But first, the dildo did "his" thing and fucked her while I also played with her clit. This sent her into orgasm quickly. Then she asked if I could fuck her without coming. She knew I couldn't, and waited for my truthful reply. I told her I'd come immediately, so she said I wasn't allowed inside. After being teased long enough by her post-orgasmic sexy body, as I knelt on the bed before her while her soft little feet rubbed up and down from my chest to my thighs, I asked if I could finally jack off. She said yes, but made clear that I was going into the bathroom to do it. If you'll remember, the previous ejaculation session a few weeks ago did not require me doing it in the bathroom because I was so close to coming that she let me do it right there. I hadn't brought up the bathroom stipulation at all lately in hopes that I may get to masturbate in front of her. But there I was, getting off of the bed and heading towards the master bathroom while she laughed at the fact that I could be made to do such a thing. She told me to keep the door open.

The truth is, I was curious to experience such a degrading act in its fullest form. To think that there was a time when I fucked my wife whenever I wanted and also received blowjobs with her swallowing my load, and now I'm being put in the bathroom by the same woman, was interesting to say the least. I craved this form of humiliation, so I really couldn't complain. I sat down on the toilet and assumed the position I knew so well. Stroking my penis while thinking of a hot woman, this time my own wife while she listened from her bed. I had planned to envision her being ravaged by her boyfriend during my orgasm, but I didn't need to. I was only a few strokes away from ejaculation anyway, so I just grabbed my pathetic boner and started stroking. Fifteen or so seconds later, I was covered in a white mess and hit with an embarrassment that I knew would be there, just more intense than I planned. She knew I had ejaculated from the grunts I let out. I took some toilet paper and cleaned myself off like I had learned to do so many years ago, trying to wipe away the shame as well. I flushed the remnants and re-entered the bedroom. She was holding back laughter and asked if I had fun. I said yes, and she teased me with an inquiry of how it felt compared to fucking her. She knew the answer already, but I still told her how much better fucking her was, and how embarrassing this was. She said "Good".

This morning, I awoke with a stiff erection and my feelings of embarrassment were gone. One orgasm after three weeks doesn't take away the horny and subservient feelings for long. Though things feel right, I hope my wife sets up a meeting with her boyfriend soon. I made my bed and now I must lie in it. But now that I've experienced being reduced to jacking off in the bathroom, I don't want to have to do this for several months.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Interracial Phenomenon

To me, the picture above is one of the hottest images I've seen. A hot blonde sex kitten going down on a well endowed black man drives me into a special land of erotic fantasy. Those types of images put me in the mood instantly and some of my most intense masturbation sessions have come from watching those types of interracial videos or looking at the pictures. One of my biggest fantasies is for my wife to do a porn scene with Sean Michaels or Mr. Marcus. I wouldn't even have to be there as long as I could watch the video afterwards. So there is no question about my love for interracial sex involving black men and white women. But I still don't know why.

The overwhelming majority of the cuckold porn industry centers on black men having sex with the white wife of a cuckold husband. So I am definitely not alone. But I will say that a lot of the stuff out there is what I perceive as negatively stereotypical. For example, you've got series such as 'Cum Eating Cuckolds' or 'Cuckold Sessions' which I will admit I can get off on by watching some of the interracial sex scenes. But I have to get past the parts I don't particularly enjoy. The way the wife spends most of her time berating the cuckold seems like she's not even interested in the sex. The way she almost ignores the guy she's fucking makes me feel as if the white couple just borrowed this guy because he's black and are using him for nothing more than to satisfy the white husband's fantasy. If I am watching porn, I want there to be chemistry and passion between the people fucking. Truth be told, I'd rather watch any sort of interracial scene before watching a "cuckold" interracial scene.

Some people say the reason they like IR porn is because of the contrast in skin color. Some say it is like a work of art. I can understand that angle as well. I do admit an interest in seeing contrasting personalities get together sexually. So there could possibly be, for me, a subconcious attraction to the contrast in colors between two people joining as one. But why black men and white women specifically?

When I had my Hustler mag as a teenager, there were interracial pictures involving white men with black women as well as the black man/white woman stuff. I was intrigued with both types, maybe because it was very taboo. Growing up in suburban America and being raised by the influence of baby boomers who themselves had been raised in the days of segregation, interracial relationships were considered taboo no matter if I knew in my heart that all people were created equal and should be treated as such. At any rate, both sets of images were erotic to me, but the pictures of the white women either fucking or sucking black cock did something different for me than the white male/black female pics. It was definitely not clear at that time, though, that black male/white female sex was going to evolve into a much hotter form of erotica for me later on.

Around my senior year in high school, I was dating a girl who I really liked. But as a bumbling teenager with little confidence, I never even got far enough to make out with her. Perhaps I wasn't reading the signs or just wasn't aggressive enough, but she made me feel as if it was going to take a lot more to get in her pants. So I took my time and played it safe. But gradually, she would be less and less available. She became too busy to even talk on the phone. Finally, we broke up. I found out a couple days later that she had been seeing some black guy behind my back for months. I denied that I even cared and told myself that I was better off without that tramp. But within six months, I was masturbating to the thought of them together. As years went by, I grew more and more fond of the thought of black men and white women having sex, and masturbated to it like any other of my fantasies. Then the internet came and the endless supply of IR content became a mainstay in my masturbation arsenal until my wife ultimately took ownership of my orgasms. Now I can only watch and get hornier.

If you asked me right now why I suppose I love IR porn, my initial gut reaction is that I love seeing people tear down the boundaries of taboo. But it makes me wonder if I prefer the black man/white woman version more because of my submissive kink. My theory stems from a primal pre-mating ritual about choosing partners. If I see an attractive woman, there is a chance she may find me attractive. She may think I'm strong enough and capable enough. But if I see an attractive woman and she is with a black guy, she chooses someone I cannot be. Therefore, as she chooses him, I feel less of a man than he is. And being submissive, that is a turn on.

Although I wonder if my IR fetish is based solely on a submissive tendency to eroticize the act of being left out while the woman I want chooses another man or if it is just about breaking taboos, it could easily be nothing more than the contrast of their skin. Or it could be turning a somewhat disheartening event in my past into a fetish. Or it could even be some deep seateded racial guilt I don't know about. I have no idea. But it is there just like my fetish for being cuckolded and the mysterious foot fetish that I have. Things that may never be answered.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Long Week and The Importance of Communication

It seems like everywhere I turn or every thought that crosses my mind makes me horny. More so than usual I think. I am most likely going to be allowed to masturbate sometime this weekend, but I'm not exactly sure how to cope this week without losing my mind.

My wife and I got some time alone to ourselves again this past weekend. This time there were no toys or porn, just us two going at it. After a foot massage, she was in the mood to play. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and she played with my penis. She quickly got me hard and put my erection in her mouth after getting assurance from me that I wouldn't have an accident. She sucked on me for a while while her pussy got wetter. Once I could take no more, I pulled away from her mouth and pulled her panties off. I licked her pussy and clit to orgasm.

After I put her panties back on her, I was still kneeling before her with a leaking boner. Like I do sometimes when she's had her orgasm and I'm denied and at my horniest, I started to go into a confession-like diatribe about how I loved her controlling me like this and that I hoped that she liked it as well. She assured me that she felt lucky to have a husband be so subservient for her. I apologized that it was so strange for a person to act like this and that I appreciated how she accepted me for who I am. I told her about how I believe slaves shouldn't be allowed to have intercourse with their owners, and how denying me intercourse seemed so natural and made me want her even more. And I apologized that I might be pushing her into such a kinky approach to sex in order to turn me into such an attentive husband. She reassured me that she liked how things were going and that she didn't want to stop, which I was thankful for. Then I admitted to her that this three week period is proving to be more torturous than usual probably because my last release was not by intercourse. She smiled and told me I could handle one more week. I asked her if there was a chance that I could just masturbate right then and make it a two week schedule. She said absolutely not, and said we are not changing the rules.

After awhile, when things had cooled down, I felt embarrassed for putting my thoughts out there like that. But in the long run, those talks are beneficial to know where we both are when it comes to satisfaction in our sex life. If you go on any forum, whether it be about cuckolding, wife-led marriages, or any relationship advice, the main theme seems to be communication. So many husbands have been told about communication, but they usually are too afraid to put themselves in such a vulnerable position. I understand that completely. But I think dropping subtle hints and waiting for your partner to figure it out can have adverse effects. Going straight forward with it, in my opinion, is essential to furthering an alternative lifestyle. You have to know where each other stands on your feelings.

For the rest of the weekend, I was as horny as I've ever been. As my wife walked around the house, I was fixated on her. I wanted her so badly, and she knew it. She knew she was in control, and made me do some added chores here and there. I don't know what I can do to get my mind off of her. I need to think clearly and get my head in another place to make the week go by faster. But at least I still feel like this was all worth it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Samantha Strong Obsession

Surfing the web recently, I ran across an old picture that brought back memories. Her name is Samantha Strong, and she was the greatest sexual fantasy of my teenage years. Back then, at my age, I shouldn't have known about her. But I did have that old Hustler magazine that I found. She was in the back of the magazine in the ads for videos you could order. I remember one in particular so vividly. In the mix with names such as Rachel Ryan, Brandy Wine, Ebony Ayes, Laurel Canyon, Lois Ayres, and Gail Force, there she stood out. Her section showed one picture of her face, gazing upon you with "you can't handle this" eyes. Another smaller shot showed her with a cock in her hand getting ready to go down on it. And the last shot had her getting fucked by some lucky guy. I knew I could never have her, but if I wasn't so young I would have done something, anything to meet her just once.

Fast forward to present day. That picture of Samantha prompted me to search the web for more pics of her. And so I found more, with her big hair of the 80's and early 90's, blonde just like I like it, and in one pic she seemed to be moaning with her eyes closed. Just then, I realized something. There was an eerie resemblance to old pictures I've seen of my wife when she was about 17 or 18, styled in that same hairdo and makeup. I hadn't met my wife until she was in her mid 20's, so I had missed that early part of her adult life. But I was always interested in seeing pictures of her because I thought she looked very hot in that retro style. Now I find a correlation between the woman I masturbated to as a teenager and the woman I married. And now every time I see a scene with Samantha, I will need little help imagining what my wife must have looked like when she fucked her old boyfriends. I can pretend that I am back in that time as a horny teenager, peering through a window and playing with myself while a real man pounds my future wife.

The fact that I'm now on a masturbation schedule as opposed to a sex schedule plays right into this. Just as I was a teen who masturbated to her favorite woman, a woman who fucked real men, I am back to that level. I masturbate to the woman I love, and she has a real man who fucks her. If somebody would have told me back then that the only change to my sex life was that I got to actually kiss the feet of the woman I jacked off to, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.