Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bigger, The Better, The Hornier

It has been a week since I was put back on the schedule of one orgasm per three weeks and that I'd be masturbating to achieve that orgasm. My wife refined the news to me and said next weekend I will be allowed to stroke myself to orgasm and that I will probably be allowed to fuck her in four weeks. All in all, not a bad deal for her since her attentive boy has returned in full force. My work has exceeded her expectations and we both have a very nice bond going that hasn't been present in awhile.

When I was put back on these restrictions, I told myself that I would do what it takes to maximize the effect and keep the focus on my wife. I will admit that I am (especially when I am denied regular orgasms) somewhat of a porn addict. Any moment to myself gives way to countless pictures and porn clips I look at on my phone or laptop. I have tried to stop cold turkey, but I've conceded that it is impossible. So I stopped looking at my Tumblr feed (sorry for those who follow me on there) and any other thing that desensitizes me from the erotic arts. I have also stopped edging myself every chance I get.

I know that I will always need to see something, so I have limited myself to watching only BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) porn about once a day. Now I have always liked full figured women, and have enjoyed the work of curvy starlets such as Samantha 38G and Bunny De La Cruz since they have bodies like my wife has. But I am making a conscious effort to seek out bigger girls like Mandy Majestic and Sofia Rose (pictured above). And I will be honest, I am really getting into these girls. My efforts have been successful in the past week, and my wife has reaped the benefits. She is so hot to me right now and I can't keep my hands off of her.

I don't know where this will lead, but the important thing is that everything feels right again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You Always Want What You Can't Have

I guess you could say I have fucked my way back into the 'No Pussy Rule'. I should explain.

First of all, where have I been lately? I haven't blogged in quite awhile and that is due to a huge dip in our sex life. Earlier in the year, my wife voiced her disapproval at me wanting to be denied sexual intercourse. She was tired of me being in chastity and wanted me to fuck her a lot more often. It was an eye opener in that I was still trying to cling to the notion that we were still an acting cuckold couple even though she hasn't fucked another man in what has now been multiple years. It was like I came to my senses and conceded defeat. She wanted me to be a man for her.

For the last few months now, I have been getting pussy about once a week and sometimes twice. We would make out, I would get her off, and I would plunge in for a less than stellar performance which always ended in premature ejaculation. But with our return to a vanilla sex life came the absence of my subservience to her. It was a given that we would just have sex, so all the anticipation that came from making me wait along with activities like back and foot massages, kissing her feet from time to time, and her making me wear panties all stopped. Our sex life became boring for the first time in many years. That is, until this past Sunday.

My wife was painting her toenails and mentioned to me that she missed the foot massages. I replied that I have been selfish. She then said things are going to have to change. I could feel the tide turning again. She told me that things were going to have to get stricter around here and that I wasn't going to be getting any for awhile. She had my undivided attention. She told me that letting me fuck her did no good at all to my attitude and attention to her. She said it wasn't worth losing the pampering. She said I was going back on the orgasm release schedule and I would be jacking off to achieve my releases for quite some time. I already felt more submissive hearing those words. Although I was planning on fucking her that night to relieve some stress the way I was getting accustomed to, it was making me even more aroused to know I was probably going to make her come and I would get nothing that night.

We christened the return to our kinky bedroom dynamic in good fashion. I took a silky pink pair of panties out of my underwear drawer and met my wife in bed. We made out and I got her pussy really wet. This is about the time in our vanilla sex routine when she would start blowing me. I laid back and gave a motion to her that she could start going down on me, but she said she wasn't doing that and instead rubbed her leg against my already wet panties. Our kissing got more passionate and I could not hold back any longer to eat her pussy. I went down and licked and sucked frantically. She was moaning hard as I stuck my fingers inside, pumping away. Getting even more intense with her moans, I flipped her over and started eating her ass while finger fucking her. She was on fire. I fingered her pussy and clit until she exploded in ecstasy.

Afterwards, we held each other and I told her how much I enjoyed it. She agreed that it was much more intense than it has been in months and much better than letting me fuck her. The tone was set. Rule number one for the submissive male is that you always want what you can't have, and my wife is going to make sure I am always wanting more.