Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Take it like a man?

The fact that anyone at all still reads my blog has helped me decide to continue with it. Thanks for the support.

Like I have said before, I do have a lot of ideas to share but just couldn't find the right mixture of time and motivation to put it down in words. I think this little update was more than enough for me to report on it.

My wife and I went out this weekend as sort of a day late Velentine's date. We had enough to drink for an interesting session in bed later that night. Alcohol has been a big contributor in our development as a kinky couple and this was no exception. We ordered porn and I noticed my wife was very vocal, so I played along. She was telling me about the guy on the screen and I agreed with her that he was just what she really needed. There was a lot back and forth regarding me not being man enough to give her what she wants and me wanting to fluff the guy as well as clean him off afterwards.

As we made out, my wife eventually slid her finger in my asshole and told me she knew how much I liked it. Now while I do love when she takes the initiative and fucks my ass like that, this has never been an undying need of mine the way foot worship and cuckolding seem to be. I have just never been into pegging and the like as much as a lot of guys evidenced by the amount of porn on the subject. But what I do love is the symbolism of giving my ass up like that. I love how emasculated it makes me feel when my wife does it. And I love the way I must be perceived by her when I give it up like that. For some reason, I am increasingly wanting to look like less of a man in the bedroom. So I told her fucking me in the ass was the best.

She decided to get some lube as she was really getting into it. I got up on all fours and stuck my ass up in the air like a bitch in heat. And then she dove in with one finger and then two. I reiterated how good it felt, and since it had been about a month since my last release, I was actually nearing orgasm as she fucked away. She asked me if I wanted come. The way she said it made me feel like a baby waiting for Mommy to make everything feel alright. I told her yes, and she reached around to stroke me. About three seconds later, I was shooting a massive load all over the spot where I would be sleeping.

I then got her off with a mixture of my tongue, fingers, and more of our comments to each other about how we need to find her a real man. And the next morning, we continued where we left off. This time I got her off with the Hitachi and then she let me come inside of her in a futile attempt to last ten seconds.

I realize that my wife and I live a double life of sorts when it comes to our relationship. There is the vanilla side which is mostly present in our day-to-day lives and then there is the sexual side which would probably send our friends into shock. I
know I have said in the past that my wife is mostly vanilla and cannot commit to the same intensity of kink that I can. But this weekend gave me hope that she really does have more fun when we play these games and I hope they can become what "normal sex" means to us.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Should I continue this blog?

I promise you that this isn't some desperate plea for attention. I would rather intrigue you with my words and insight into my kinky preferences. But I am curious to know, due to my own efforts or the seemingly downward trend in the blog scene, that my blog is of interest to enough people anymore.

There will always be blogs of note, from those who have an eloquent ability and style, that will stand the test of time. Two of which I commend are Denying Thumper and Emma Kelly's blog. There are in fact others, but the reason I bring them up specifically is because both thumper and Scott seem to find a way to dig deep and say what I am always thinking. I do try to articulate my thoughts and I think I do a pretty decent job, but I don't know if it is enough to carry an audience in a day and age when Twitter and even Tumblr are a much easier way to get your fix with quicker hits. Thumper along with Scott and Kelly have a loyal following because of their supreme writing style, and I think that is what matters most.

I guess my question is, do you still read my blog when I update it? I haven't been updating it as much as I normally like to. I do have many ideas but rarely feel the need to put them down the way I did in the past. I just felt that there was more of a sense of community in blog nation back in the day. Now it's all about the sound byte. Are there enough readers here for me to keep true to the game?

No matter what, I will always feel the need to write. But I might just take my ramblings over to Fetlife, or if I have a quick thought, to Tumblr. They will be seen by more people I think. But if there is still an audience here, I will not let them down. I will continue. Please help me decide.