Monday, November 4, 2013

Boobs, finally!

It is pretty sad when I can't even remember the last time this happened. I think it was in the ballpark of two years since I last saw my wife completely naked. Allow me to give some background.

For those of you who aren't familiar with me or my blog, I normally don't get to see my wife topless. It isn't due to a lack of intimacy or anything like that. It was by her design and sparked by a rather regrettable comment I made several years ago. I was fucking her (yes, this was back when I could last a couple minutes inside of her), and her tits were bouncing back and forth to my rhythm. This was the first sign of my stamina problems. The sight of her big, beautiful tits in motion had me nearing orgasm sooner than she wanted. I told her to put her top back on. I told her I was going to come if I saw her big boobs any longer. She put her top on and I gained some control of myself.

Later on, in the heat of a Femdom scene between us, I mentioned that I didn't deserve to see her beautiful breasts because I was nothing but her slave. She really took to the idea and added that I couldn't handle seeing them during sex anyway. I mean, she really took to the idea in a way I could never have predicted. From then on, I have lost all control over what I get to see of my wife. She has never allowed me to be in the same room with her while she changes clothes, and I have often pleaded with her to lift this ridiculous ban, to no avail. To make things even more intense, her lover has sucked on, fucked, and come on her 40 DD tits many times since my restriction from them. Every once in awhile, I would get the special treat of seeing her topless, but those are very rare. And during the last couple of years, I have only gotten her to pull a nipple out here and there for me to suck on. That is, until the other night.

I was told recently that I may get to see her topless because she felt sorry for me waiting all this time. After years of looking at porn and on Tumblr at big tits that resemble my wife's, I was so excited to finally get to see the real thing again. The other night, while making out, I had her panties off. Then my wife told me to sit back for a second. As I did, she removed her tank top and I was treated to the fully naked Goddess that I live to serve. She grabbed my erection and stroked it. I didn't know what to do, so I asked her if I could play with her boobs. She said yes and I grabbed them. They made my hands look so small. I quickly went down and buried my face in them. Licking the cleavage, sucking the nipples, and caressing against the soft, pillow-like mounds, I was in a utopia that I never wanted to end.

After letting me do this for a good amount of time, she lifted my head up and went for my penis. She started sucking me. I think it was the amazing feeling of her mouth mixed with the full sight of her voluptuous body that made me unable to handle her mouth. She hadn't been sucking me for five seconds when I had to pull out. She told me I wasn't allowed to come. She allowed me to ejaculate a week prior, and she told me it will be weeks before I got to do that again. So to make the torture of her awesome tits complete, I was only to be teased this time. I gave the signal that I had regained composure and she went back down on my throbbing erection. It felt even more amazing and I pulled back. The sight of her body was too much. I couldn't believe I took this for granted many years ago when her body was mine to do with what I pleased. I was fully aware that those days were long gone. I begged her to let me come, on her tits, in her mouth, just anywhere. She said no.

We rotated between me sucking her tits, her stroking me, licking my poor throbbing penis, and rubbing it against her nipples, all while I played with her wet pussy. When I just couldn't take any more torture, I went down on her. I worked her with my tongue and fingers until she came, and it was back to my torture session. She slowly and very lightly stroked me until I couldn't even take that anymore. That is when she decided I have seen enough of her. She put her top back on and told me to calm down and lock my penis back up. I did as told while she fell asleep. I got to see Mommy's boobs! I wonder when that will happen again.


  1. Great post. The idea of taking denial as far as day-to-day nudity is a great turn-on for me. The way that you have presented it here makes me want it even more :)

  2. Wow, nice post. I have a CFNM fetish. My wife has very big boobs too and I love to play with them. Even since I was a teenager, I am more turned on by a woman in a bikini or bra/panty than a nude one. I guess I just like the tease of not seeing everything. My wife doesn't change in front of me, and she locks the door to the bathroom, but she walks right in when I am there. It's a continuation of our double standard.

    I agree, seeing her giant boobs when I am thrusting in her is a little much to handle :)