Friday, October 11, 2013

It really is her penis now

Since my last blog entry, I went into a period of being allowed to orgasm inside of my wife. In roughly ten days, I was allowed to come three times, which is very uncommon in my situation.

Well last weekend, my wife put a stop to it. I had just fingered her to orgasm, and I asked if I could fuck her. She told me I could, but this time I wasn't going to be allowed to come. In the mindset I had at the immediate time, this was pure torture. Being able to get back on a more frequent orgasm schedule makes you expect, and even need, to continue orgasming. I pleaded with her to let me come just one more time and I'd promise to be good. She said no and told me that I haven't been attentive. She was taking away my big boy privileges.

So as I fucked her (I was actually able to last long enough to stroke in and out, albeit slowly, thanks to my frequent releases), I continued to plead with her. She said the same thing each time, that I wasn't being good enough when she lets me come. Finally, I gave up on the subject and soon, she pushed me out of her for good. I laid there with a throbbing erection and she could sense the pain of my blue balls by the look on my face.

She gave me the lecture on how she felt bad that she had to do this, but it was for the better. Then she let me cuddle on her heaving breast covered by her top. She put her arm around me and stroked my hair. At first, I thought this would get me even more aroused. But it actually seemed to calm me. My erection started to go away and it gave way to an inner sensation that felt so right. I looked up at her and said "Thank you, Mommy." She smiled. Then I told her that I promise to be good. She was happy with me.

Sometimes I wonder if my wife really likes the control she has over her husband because otherwise she is really vanilla. Then things like this happen and it confirms that she not only is the sole owner of my penis, she knows how to use that ownership against me when she wants to. After all, that episode scored her a very thorough pedicure the next day. And now I'm back to denied mode. Sexual satisfaction was fun while it lasted.

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