Thursday, September 19, 2013

An uneventful update

I'm just putting this out since it has been a little while and I won't have time to post much any time soon. I started three entries on three separate subjects but couldn't find the motivation to be thorough and finish them. They will be finished later on.

I have been locked now for 18 days and haven't had any playtime either. Mommy says we might get to play this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. Chastity on her terms is really tough. Especially when she doesn't want to play for awhile. The long absence of stimulation is the worst. But when I am unlocked and we play, the sensation is like no other. I wish we played a lot more, because I would never complain about long term lockup. I'm realizing more and more that my orgasm is not the issue. I could stay locked forever as long as I got to worship my superior.

As I said earlier, I've got some new ideas and I can't wait to get them out there, when time allows.


  1. I agree, orgasm is probably not an issue IF there is frequent intimacy. Without that, chastity can be a rocky road.

  2. I agree too. Last night, my wife had me go down on her and get her off. After she had a satisfying orgasm, she played with my nipples for a few moments before going to sleep.

    Being locked in chastity is very easily placated with this type of pattern in the routine. Without it, I get depressed and feel neglected.

  3. "Without it, I get depressed and feel neglected".

    I can relate. What I am finding during longer term orgasm denial play is that it isn't so much the orgasm that I crave, but rather the intimacy of sex play ~ even if it doesn't result in my own orgasm. In fact, I have noticed for some time that I do get depressed without having a "satisfying erection", meaning one in which my Queen plays a direct role in creating. I need the physical touch, though, to feel loved.

  4. A little assertion on your part will get more of what you desire. Tell her you are going to have some sex and that's it. A good cuckold knows how to pull the invisible strings.