Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Chastity Terms

Last time I left you, I was patiently awaiting my release that may or may not happen that night. Well it did thankfully. And it was not only a reminder that I need to be thankful for every release, it was also a lesson because of newly imposed terms.

That night, my wife asked me if I still wanted to release. I said of course. But she was tired from the crazy week we had which included her ogasm-a-thon. She said she was thinking of letting me jack off on her feet and said as much. I begged her to let me do so. It had been far too long for me and any longer would have really fucked with my head in a bad way. After a month, I can tell by my mood that there is an absence of endorphins or something which makes me cranky. I knew it was up to her though, so I pleaded humbly. I told her I promise to be a good boy and never pressure for any type of sex until she wants it. She asked me if I was serious and I said yes. She then said that I would have to be locked up and never ask for any type of sex at all until she initiated it. My penis jumped a little. It was a kinky thought which made me throw caution to the wind. I said yes, of course I would do that for her. She said ok and told me to get at her feet.

So there I was, on my knees on the bed at her feet. She said I could hump her leg for awhile until I was ready. I must have looked like a kid on Christmas morning because I hopped on her shin and grinded my pantied penis against her while she smiled at me, like a mother enjoying her boy's delight as he unwrapped his gift. It should be a humiliating feeling humping away like a dog, but I have gotten past that point. It is nothing but ecstasy for me during these moments, a place where I really feel comfortable and can handle the pleasure. Under a controlled orgasm schedule, intercourse isn't like that because the sensation overwhelms me to the point of losing control of myself. Humping legs and masturbating are more my speed.

As I humped, we talked about how this was all I could handle and that she needs a real man. Well, we started to talk about it, but that got me so close that I couldn't have been humping for a minute. I told her I had to cum and she stuck her feet towards me. I pulled out my pathetic excuse for a boner, not even fully hard but ready to blast. I shot like crazy all over her pretty little feet and drenched them. I then got down and licked it all up. As always, she asked me if I enjoyed it and I told her that I really did and thanked her. She wanted no reciprocation, so this was just for me since she was worn out. There is still a bit of humiliation to be told to perform in this way when we didn't even kiss during the event.

True to her word, I have been locked in chastity ever since, only to be let out during showers. I am not allowed to initiate sexual contact of any kind. I can only hug her and tell her she's pretty or that I love her. The way she was able to let loose when we got away from home proved that a stressful year at work is the culprit in her lowered sex drive, so she wants no added pressure from me. I'm not even allowed to say anything when my release date comes, nor if it passes, or is weeks later. I have to wait for her for everything. But that's the choice I made, and I can't yet say that I regret it. It should be all about her anyway. But ask me again in a few weeks, if you know what I mean.

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  1. J,

    just think how pathetic she feels towards you as you are let loose to hump her leg, not even let near her womanhood. She must feel it a chore to even let you do that and glad when you are done so she can lock you back up.

    Sounds wonderfully humiliating. Truly.

    Take care and serve your mistress well.