Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Much Needed Getaway

In my last post, I mentioned my wife and I planning a getaway for just the two of us. Well it happened. And it was probably the most needed thing for our relationship, especially for me. As I said before, I was starting to worry that my wife wasn't really in the mood for sex lately. I even made a post in a Fetlife group asking for advice on how to maximize a platonic marriage with the same kinks. It turned out that stress had been the big factor in my wife's low sex drive after all. She proved it on our trip.

After checking into our hotel room, we decided first to go to a bar and have drinks. While out, the most amazing thing happened. My wife struck up a conversation with a guy next to us. I didn't think much of it at first because my wife is a very outgoing person. But things started to get a little more serious than I could have ever imagined. They talked and for the most part ignored me. I decided to keep quiet anyway because there was a chance my wishes were about to come true. As they talked about some of the more personal things in life, he started to get closer to her. Within an hour, they were touching. He had his hand on her knee and she was being as friendly as possible with hugs and such. He was also being polite to me, as if he knew what we were all about. I showed my approval for how things unfolded so I supposed he felt the ability to go ahead with everything. Unfortunately after awhile, he said he had to get going, but he got my wife's number and said he really wanted to get together later on or perhaps the next day. By this time, they were very close, heavy petting and slightly making out. I couldn't believe what was happening. It was never agreed upon what we were looking for and we never told him our situation. He just did what he wanted anyway. I'll admit that as a man, it is probably the hardest pill to swallow to witness that. But if you can get past what is encoded in your DNA to defend your territory, it is the most beautiful feeling as a submissive male to yield to another man in that way. Just before he left, we shook hands and he kissed my wife goodbye.

The problem is, he basically flaked out. They talked on the phone and it turns out he was married and was worried about getting into trouble. So he didn't cuck me like they had planned. But I will tell you this. The fact that my wife was going to fuck this guy who proved my inferiority was the intensity that I had been craving for such a long time. I realized that I didn't even have to be fully cuckolded to enjoy my place in my marriage. When we got back to the hotel room, my wife was super horny. She told me that she hopes she indeed gets to hook up with him and I wouldn't get to watch. I got on my hands and knees and began licking the sweat from her feet. She told me how he would fuck her like I never could and it didn't take long before we were naked in bed. She had me worshipping her pussy while her verbal assault on me and my pathetic penis continued. I got her off and she left me horny and denied before we decided to call it a night.

That was the beginning of a whirlwind of sexual acts over the course of our trip that included (in no particular order) her grinding on my face, me pleasuring her with the Hitachi, her petting my pantied penis while I told her my most embarrassing fantasies, me sleeping on the floor next to her bed, me giving her several massages, me spanking her ass while fingering her as she yelled out how much of a big cock slut she is, her teasing my balls with the Hitachi while I called her Mommy, more of her grinding on the Hitachi, and so many orgasms for her that I lost count. She is truly a sexual being when out of the hustle and bustle of real life.

I never got to come once. It has now been over a month for me. I should feel let down that I didn't get at least one orgasm before we headed home. But our much needed getaway provided some clarity for me. I love my Mommy and I felt so glad that I made her so happy. She promises that I will get to come tonight, but it doesn't even matter anymore. What truly matters is that it is up to her. That is something I lost track of in recent months. Right now I want to do anything to make Mommy happy. This isn't going to make me perfect overnight, I realize that. I will always have my flaws and frustrations. But I want to try hard. She told me I was her good boy and I want to keep trying to get better.

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  1. "I realized that I didn't even have to be fully cuckolded to enjoy my place in my marriage."

    Oh, this is so true. I can relate completely.

    Your account was a pleasure to read. I thank your wife for letting you share with us.

    I guess, it is a way she can humiliate you by letting you put into words the accounts where you willing let another man enjoy the company of your wife, and her all but dismissing you in such situations.

    I do not understand how your penis does not ejaculate from the silk feeling while in panties. I guess my penis is more sensitive then yours.

    If I were 1mth+ chaste and was put into panties, I would cream them quickly.