Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Domination Continues

It had been a couple weeks since I last masturbated, thanks to my wife who recently put the hammer down. In my last blog entry, I explained how she not only stopped my frantic jacking off to all things sexy and kinky, but she also cut me off from having intercourse with her indefinitely. I had turned back into her horny servant.

Last night, I got a lucky break. I think it was due to the personal attention I was giving her as well as my domestic efforts lately. She told me that after giving her a long massage, I would be given a treat. My eager hands rubbed her entire body until she felt the utmost relaxation. I could tell she would be receptive to a nice pussy massage as well. When my hand finally made its way between her legs, she let out a very welcoming moan. I made a dash for the Hitachi, and soon she was getting the happy ending that she deserved. I got on my knees on the floor as she lay on the edge of the bed. As I worked her over, I developed a nice boner in my panties. Just the notion that there I was, nothing more than her personal panty boy servant, had me at the same level of sexual arousal that she was, and she was the one being pleasured. Before I knew it, her orgasm had her thighs gripping the magic wand as she shook with ecstasy.

When she calmed down, she told me I would be allowed to jack off on her foot. But she made it clear that I wasn't allowed to fuck her since I couldn't handle her like a real man. She told me I should be grateful for the opportunity to come on her foot. I agreed and thanked her for this gift. She hung her leg down near my position on my knees. Stroking for what had to be about ten seconds, I positioned myself and quickly coated her hot pink-painted toes with at least two weeks worth of slimy, useless seed.

"Lick it up" she said. I knew I was going to be made to, but the encouragement to do so kept me in the right mind space to perform the shameful act without pause. Soon her soft foot was absolutely clean of my mess.

"There", she said. "That should hold you over for about a month, shouldn't it?". I knew it was a rhetorical question as I nodded and said yes like a good little boy. I was a little surprised that the three week chastity norm was overlooked and a full month was imposed. But we have a weekend getaway planned in June for just the two of us and I concluded that it must be the next time I'm allowed to masturbate. I thanked her for the night and incredible release, even if I did end up with the aftertaste of semen in my mouth and throat.

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