Friday, April 26, 2013

Signs of a Dwindling Sex Life

Last night, I had sex with my wife. There had been too much going on lately, and it was nice for us to finally have some time alone with no distractions. We started by making out, which seemed like forever since the last time we did that. She rubbed on my crotch while I rubbed her increasing wetness. I was getting hard, but I wanted to maximize my pleasure. After an amount of kissing, I made my way down to her feet and started worshipping them. As I continued with my fingers on her pussy, I ran my tongue up and down her legs and feet until my erection could handle no more.

Once I knew she was ready, I went down on her. If there was ever a time I wondered if she had lost interest in me (this is over three weeks since she was last in the mood), her response to my mouth and tongue on her very horny pussy proved otherwise. I can tell she hasn't had time to even think about sex, and her sensitivity due to it being so long was evident. I couldn't have licked her for three minutes before she came on my face. I didn't want to back away because I had missed the taste of her. I tried to start licking more after her orgasm, but she didn't want any more. She asked if I could fuck her. That was all it took for me. Having not masturbated in days, I had my own sensitivity issues. I announced that I was going to come, and I rushed to get inside of her. The first spurt happened as the tip of my penis touched her juicy lips. When I entered and unloaded, I looked down at my sexy wife. Her look said she was trying to enjoy the fact that she had a dick inside of her. Then we collapsed together, and cuddled, as if we had completely given each other the best of satisfaction.

Except we didn't. This was another in what is turning into a string of compromises in our sex life. My wife wanted to get fucked and since I can't really provide that, I just wanted to worship her. Where she enjoyed the kissing, I enjoyed licking her feet. We find mutual agreement in the realm of me giving oral sex. But still, things don't flow as smoothly as they should for a couple who loves each other the way we do.

It's hard enough admitting to yourself that intercourse will never be the source of your most intense orgasms. But that is nothing compared to the ever growing reality that my wife and I are not truly sexually compatible. It looks as if our kinky exploits over the years might just have been an experimental stage, for her at least. It isn't even that she's too vanilla. My wife deserves someone who can have vanilla intimate moments with her but can also fuck her into cloud nine the way she likes it. I, on the other hand, would do much better being relegated to the floor, licking away at feet, shoes, or anything she lets me, and jacking off. In bed, she wants to be loved rather than worshipped, and I want to be degraded rather than loved. We as companions are best friends who couldn't love each other more. I just wish that could always translate to the bedroom.

But alas, sex isn't everything and it is a blessing to have what I do. There are so many great things in life we share, even if that includes compromise.

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