Friday, April 5, 2013

A New Champ Reigns Supreme

I'm actually surprised at the short amount of time it took me to start blogging again since I'm on a break from chastity and don't foresee putting the cage back on any time soon. But my "time off" has been different this go around. Although it is nice to be able to stroke myself to completion every time the urge strikes, I'm still extremely horny and, for some reason, I still have premature ejaculations every time I have sex with my wife. I should feel drained and satisfied, yet I feel like a monkey at the zoo who can't help but play with himself every time a female walks by the cage. Truth is, I'm probably not far off in that assessment. Anyway, there is a new muse in my horny submissive male mind.

I mentioned Christy Mack in my last blog entry. I thought it was a fluke, but she has taken a firm hold of her place in my mind. Now she has knocked off the former reigning champ, Phoenix Marie, as the current #1 porn star of my dreams. It wasn't easy. Phoenix and I have a LOT of history together, even if Phoenix herself doesn't know it, or know me for that matter.

Whether it is just because Christy is too new to the scene or some other reason, she only does the typical vanilla porn. As of writing this, I've found out that she did a small amount of Femdom stuff but didn't stick with it. Still, for some reason she is the one I'd choose over all of them right now. Why? I thought maybe it was because I was just ready for something different. And she really is super hot. But I think it is more than that.

The thing about these pornstars is, obviously, I don't know any of them. All I can do is use the image they put forth and I formulate my own fantasy off of that. Simply put, the image Christy Mack puts forth is that of one bad bitch. Tatted up, head half shaved, and ready to fuck like an animal, she looks like she just doesn't give a fuck as long as she gets hers. To me, she symbolizes the hot girl with whom you somehow managed to get a date, and got her to like you. You know she might be bad for you, but you throw caution to the wind as she becomes your girlfriend. She is a maniac in bed and you can barely handle her, but you manage to hold your own and hang on for dear life with this girl. But you know she can't be tamed. As time goes on, you start to wonder if she's still happy with you. You don't want to lose her. You know she's dangerous the way she flirts with the other guys, and you know deep down that she can't possibly be sexually satisfied with you alone.

You voice your concerns to her, but she plays you like putty in her hand. She has convinced you that the hot guy who asked her to dinner is just a friend, and that it would make her SO happy if you, her favorite boyfriend she's ever had, wouldn't have jealousy issues. You apologize and tell her to have fun, but adding insult to injury, she asks you to take care of some errands for her while she's gone. You still aren't convinced that everything is perfect, but what can you do? She's so sexy and you don't want to lose her. You accept what you have while you still have it.

These incidents gradually occur more and more and become more and more blatant, until you have fully accepted that she is insatiable. Soon she doesn't hide the fact that she fucks other guys and there is no negotiating room. You are under her spell, and do everything you can to let her know how faithful you are and want to stay with her forever. You have become a personal servant as well as a boyfriend. You do whatever she says, and you decide that in order to solidify your place in her life, you will propose to her. You'd rather be her cuckold husband than lose the hottest and baddest bitch around. To be Christy Mack's cuck. How awesome would that be?

It's not one of my typical extreme sissy Femdom cuckold fantasies, but it's funny how something a little more realistic can indeed be hotter. In fact, Christy is white hot on my radar right now. Thankfully, I can masturbate to her all I want while I'm out of chastity.

She's so hot! How am I going to get over this girl?

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