Saturday, February 2, 2013

Playing sissy for my wife

During the period of time my wife and I have played our Femdom games, we have always thrown around the idea of doing the sissy maid thing. It was always on my list of fantasies and my wife even thought the idea of completely emasculating a male to do her bidding was interesting. Several years ago, we got a French maid's Halloween costume, but it ended up not fitting. The idea was put on the back burner as real life went on. But I guess it was because of the chastity I've recently endured on a more intense basis that the idea and the fantasy grew on me more than ever. I went ahead and bought a new French maid's outfit that was my size and we decided that we would finally play out this scenario.

The plan was in place once I bought the outfit. All I had to do was put it on and my wife was to take it from there. We had a day with the house completely to ourselves. She told me it was time, and I knew what to do. She sat on the couch and waited. Fortunately for me, I was out of my chastity device and on the honor system due to being allowed intercourse the week prior and a gesture of mercy from my wife. First I put on a black g-string that I thought would be a good match, then I put on the outfit complete with the little lace headpiece and presented myself to her. She laughed hysterically and most genuinely. This was different, not like the simulated humiliation we've played around with. It was the humiliation that I had been looking for. The kind where you start to question whether or not this was a good idea. I said as much, and she told me that "No, it is good", all the while continuing to laugh. She then told me to get to work on the living room and then the kitchen while she watched TV. As I picked up, dusted, and vacuumed the living room, I would look over at her periodically and she would give me the smile as if letting me know that we both know who is the bitch here. After the living room, I got to work on the kitchen. I had been keeping it fairly clean in my own daily duties, so it wasn't very dirty. With still some finishing up to do on my part, she told me she was going upstairs to the bedroom where I would be cleaning as well.

After I finished the kitchen, I made my way to the master bedroom. She had changed into a sexy robe and was lying on the bed playing on her phone. She looked at me and laughed again, asking if I was having fun. The fact of the matter is that I was indeed having a great time. I can't explain it exactly, but having her see me like that made me feel so alive. Here I was, dressed like some woman trying to spice things up between she and her man, but not only were the roles reversed, I was laboring for a spouse that had turned into my demanding boss. And I loved it. Shedding my masculinity in her presence was so uplifting that I was scaring myself thinking about how far I could take this. She told me to straighten up the bedroom and vacuum before starting on the master bathroom.

Before getting started, I asked if she'd like a drink. She told me to get her a beer, and raised her bare foot to the crotch of my panties. As she felt the dampness, she commented on the amount I had leaked. I told her I was very aroused being her maid. She then asked why I wasn't getting hard though. I told her that I guess all of the chastity had trained my peepee to not get hard and instead just leak, which was truthfully my guess as well. Even this admission was exhilarating, telling her of my own lack of sexual function. After fetching her drink, I continued my cleaning, prancing around in my dress and finally finishing every task set forth.

Having had enough of my work, she called for me to take off my outfit and join her in bed. But first, I knelt on the floor next to her where her sexy legs teased me. After licking her feet for a short while, my peepee finally got hard. Foot worship never fails and I knew it. That is when I started making out with her. Getting her hot enough, I went down on her and licked until she was ready for the Hitachi. As her toy began its job, I tried giving her my erection to suck on while she built up her own orgasm. I was having trouble with the sensation her mouth provided, so we stopped that and I focused on her. Not much longer, she was coming very hard on her toy. Then we held each other in her post-orgasm buzz. During the embrace, she teased me that she really wished I could fuck her. I said I'd like to try, but she told me I couldn't handle it. She stroked my throbbing erection and my jerks and panting were evidence that I couldn't be trusted for two seconds inside of her without coming. She told me that this is why I wouldn't be inside of her today.

Upon reflection of these events, I cannot tell if my discovered fondness for being a sissy is just a phase caused by the newness of the experience or something I will continue to want more and more. I know my recent chastity bout has had an adverse effect on my brain when it comes to my sexuality. I have wanted more and more to be denied sex forever while taking more of a service role. This could also explain my craving for being as little of a man to my wife as possible. It might be something that will pass when my brain realizes how I have forced my body to manipulate it. But still, the questions remain. Why did I feel so alive? Why was I so much more comfortable in this role? Have I found my calling? Not that it matters, because it will never be my lifestyle moving forward. At least, not as long as I live under my wife's roof. It isn't what she wants in a husband. This isn't practical with the comfortable vanilla structured life we have built for ourselves, and that's ok. Life is not defined solely by one's sexual fetishes, and they probably shouldn't even be the main drive in a person's life. But playing sissy maid definitely has awakened something in me.

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  1. I like that she teased, taunted and then denied you entrance. How fitting. :)