Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bailey Jay

Well, I've really outdone myself this time. I discovered someone, and I have a huge crush on him. Well, sort of. She used to be a he anyway. And she still has a dick. But ironically, that's the furthest thing from my mind when I think about Bailey Jay.

Bailey is a transsexual porn star. Due to my recent discoveries and interests in my feminine side, I have often frequented the shemale category when surfing the internet. It didn't take long before I found out about Bailey. The average shemale porn is very distinct. The girls usually have that look about them: not exactly a woman and a shit ton of makeup to cover up manly features. That never really bothered me anyway, but tranny porn is what it is. Bailey is different. If the first pic I saw of her wasn't of her stroking her impressive erection, I wouldn't have even considered, or believed for that matter, that she was born a male. I had to dig up as much info I could find of this hottie.

Born with very feminine features, she started crossdressing in her teen years. She was first discovered when she flashed people while in line at an anime convention, and then later had to confess to security that she was really a boy. Finding out that this really cute chick in a school girl's outfit was not actually a girl stunned most of the people there, and they still didn't fully believe it. This started a buzz over the internet, and subsequently snowballed into somewhat of a cult following. People wanted more of the girl they called "Line Trap" (named so because she was considered a trap by tricking guys into thinking they were ogling a girl). People started to confess that they didn't care what gender she was because they still loved her and wanted her.

She would soon resurface under the alias Harley Quinn and decided to give everyone what they wanted by doing shemale porn. Eventually she changed her name to Bailey Jay, launching her own website and her career continued to ascend. She ended up winning two AVN awards for best transsexual performer and two nominations for XBIZ in the same category. After seeing her in a few clips online and hearing several of her podcasts, a part of me fell in love with the pigtailed headphone wearing girl with a dick. In my opinion, she transcends the entire genre and unless I haven't found them yet, no other TS in the business comes close to matching her in charisma and beauty. While there are some really beautiful transsexuals in the business who are quite passable, Bailey is the total package (no pun intended).

Ok, so Bailey Jay looks like nothing other than a gorgeous biological female. So what? There are a million hot women alive, and they even have vaginas. Why am I crushing so hard on a tranny? Maybe I've become so into cock that she becomes the perfect mix of beauty and kink for me. But then I thought it might be because I not only want to be with her, I want to be her. If I could be that pretty and still have the sex drive that she obviously has, I'd love to take it as far as possible. That lifestyle seems appealing to me.

But truth be told, I have a lot of admiration for Bailey as a person. She took what she was given and made a success of it. She transcended shemale porn just as she transcended what I thought previously about shemales. She took a genre that had its place in my rotation, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Shemale porn for me was all about the humiliation of wanting to slut out like the sissy I am with another sissy, because I didn't deserve a real woman. Bailey teaches me that I can look at a transsexual and admit attraction that goes beyond sexual kinks. I want to hold her, kiss her, and even cuddle with her, and dare I say, be a real man for her, much like the many bio women I have crushed on throughout my life.

All things considered, I really hope this obsession dies down soon. After all, I'm married, she's married, and there's nothing I can do about it anyway. But I know for sure that Bailey has secured a place in my top ten favorite women, probably permanently.

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  1. As long as Bailey stays in front of the camera your obsession will not die down. From her voice to her clothes and attitude, most definitely the most beautiful gurl ever.