Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Junior Hubby's 'Best of 2012' Awards

This is running a bit late seeing that we are almost into February, but I figure better late than never to pay homage to my favorite women of the past year. Obviously, there is no huge criteria as to the individual accomplishments of the particular year or mass appeal. I'm confident in saying that I'm probably addicted to porn and to women in general, and this is a review of what I had been crushing on for 2012. Without further adieu, the awards go to:

Amateur Of The Year- Fyona Ryder
This young hottie is just starting to break into the porn scene, but has been gracing the tumblr crowd with her candid homemade pics. This is where the appeal comes in. The hottest stuff I've ever seen of her is what she takes from her phone. Her face, with none of that professional studio makeup, is cute and hot at the same time. Oh, and then there's her body. Perfect big tits and perfect round ass on a really nice frame. In other words, elite status if you like curves. I don't know if her beauty is going to show through in professional porn the way it is in her natural state, but the latter is probably hotter anyway. If she goes the "amateur porn" route, she's going to be a top draw. You have to see for yourself if you haven't already. She's @FyonaRyder on twitter and you can check her out.

Domme Of The Year- January Seraph
I've explained what I love about Mistress January before on this blog, so no need to go into it too much further. To be quite honest, it's not about anything she has done this particular year that gives her the award. But until somebody knocks her off the pedestal, she's still my favorite Domme. I will say this, Aiden Starr and Mistress T are gaining ground.

Scene of the year- Nicole Aniston and Deviant Kade in 'Femdom Ass Worship 15', Evil Angel and Meanbitch Productions
I had always loved and everything it stood for. My envy for the males in each scene ran deep, but this scene floored me. 2013 Penthouse Pet of the Year Nicole Aniston does a Femdom scene. That sentence alone should make it a must see for anyone into dominance and submission. This top of the line beauty gets her ass and feet worshipped by Deviant Kade, the guy I have mentioned before in my Puppy Play blog entry and who I now consider the luckiest submissive on Earth. What makes this scene great is that Nicole is not some run of the mill beauty queen who has no clue what to do with this power. The fire in her striking eyes when she puts Kade in his place shows her range in the industry. The way she talked to him was amazing and put me in subspace immediately. I can't imagine there being an equal to this scene anytime in the near future. You just have to order this movie, trust me. She knows what she's doing, and upon further investigation, I learned from her in an interview that she has been dominating boys in one way or another since before she got into the industry. How perfect is Nicole Aniston?

Woman Of The Year- Phoenix Marie
Truth be told, Sara Jay was a close second in this category the way she hypnotizes me with her ridiculously awesome figure. However, the new champ reigns supreme. No matter what the occasion, Femdom, interracial, foot fetish, cuckold, or just watching an interview, Phoenix Marie has been my go-to girl for the entire year. I've mentioned what I like about her before, and it holds true. I don't get tired of her. Her body competes with anyone who has ever been on film, and I guess I just click with her personality overall. Not sure how else to explain it. Thank you, Phoenix, for letting us admire you.

Junior Hubby's Hall of Fame

No awards show can be complete without my favorites of all time. A lot of outstanding women enter and leave the spotlight, and some have made it to all time great status when it comes to the industry, but there are those few that I hold in higher regard. That is what my hall of fame will entail.

Samantha Strong
I've also done an earlier blog entry about her. She is the gateway to my attraction to the individual star rather than porn itself. At the time, scenes were just scenes and the sex was the main attraction until I saw her. She was the hottest woman in the industry at the time to me. I thought she was the most beautiful one doing it and couldn't imagine anyone more attractive letting me indulge in my sexual fantasies.

Shanna McCullough

Shanna is considered a lifetime achiever in that she started in the industry in the 80's. I was too young to know her at that time, but she resurfaced in the mid 90's and that's where she caught my eye. It was a scene in 'Bobby Sox' where she played a dominant female and made a guy dress up like a woman and lick her boots that absolutely hooked me. She's gorgeous, and that played really well into my introductory stages of Femdom in my earlier years. Since then I had seen her do lots of hot interracial stuff which drove me insane with lust for her. It was hard finding a great pic of her from the internet because she wasn't as mainstream at the time. But if you haven't seen her movies, they do her all the justice in the world.

Johnni Black
This was another star that arrived in the 90's during my first stages of full time pornographic exposure. She was not overly hyped like Jenna Jameson or Janine as a sex symbol, but I was most attracted to her than all others. I can't explain it exactly, but maybe there was some sort of MILF quality to her that appealed to my submissive tendencies for admiring those who could be dominant. Initially, I had only seen her in the vanilla porn, but felt there was potential for her when it came to Femdom or fetish stuff. I was right, as later on she did a few foot fetish scenes and one or two Femdom ones. And then I saw her interracial stuff. She was so hot sucking and fucking black cock that she took what I considered an all time favorite into an even higher level. I'm really sad that she didn't have a longer career. I think she would be very popular in some of the genres today.

So that does it for my first award presentation. I hope to have this every year to honor those who keep my head in the clouds and my denied penis straining in chastity.


  1. Wow, all these women look the same or oddly similar...just at different stages in life.

    1. Hello Mistress L,

      I didn't realize that, to be honest. I guess that speaks to my type in some way or another. I will say that January Seraph looks nothing like the others and Shanna McCullough is a natural redhead, and the difference in her shows through other pictures of her.