Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of the year

We are staying in for New Year's Eve. We definitely made up for it this weekend. We had the house to ourselves Saturday night, so we decided to order some porn. To start things off, my wife laid on the bed and watched the flick while I was on the floor at the foot of the bed licking her feet. She has often told me that she feels spoiled. I guess it would stand to reason when you consider she has the visual stimulation to get her wet while her husband worships the lowest part of her body. In no time, she was soaked. I would look up from sucking on her toes every once in awhile and see a curvy Mellanie Monroe(pictured above; not the same scene) sucking on a young guy with a huge cock. My wife would make comments here and there how she wishes he was in the room with us so she could get fucked.

I reached up to feel her soaked panties and took them off. She needed a man. I felt sorry that I wasn't capable of replicating what was happening on the screen. The best I could do was offer my erection for her mouth while I reached down and played with her slippery clit. She pulled out my penis from my pink string bikini panties and sucked me. It became clear that she pretended that she was sucking him. It got me really close to orgasm, so I had to pull away several times. She would stroke me very lightly, almost featherlike, until I was able to put it back in her mouth. After a few minutes of this, her pussy was getting there as well, so I dove in face first. She moaned and loved my oral worship as she continued to watch Mellanie get fucked. Soon, my wife was coming pretty hard. When she finally calmed down, she looked at me in that loving way that a couple looks each other in an aftersex glow.

In the past, it would have been time for her to tell me to fuck her. That wasn't the case now. My release date was a week away, so I wasn't going to enter because I would come immediately. Instead, she just kept staring at me. I knew the next thing for me to do was crawl up to her and embrace her. We hugged as if we were good friends. It was strange. We didn't kiss or anything like that. We just hugged tight and continued to hold each other. This felt like a new beginning. Like our dynamic couldn't have been more clear than right then. As if in the bedroom we were not really lovers, but rather Mistress and sexual servant. Although there was a raging boner in my panties, she didn't touch it for the rest of the night. We both looked over at the TV and noticed that it was time for the money shot. When he shot his load on Mellanie's face, my wife commented that she wished he was coming on her face instead.

This was obviously the beginning of round two. My wife was still really wet as we watched another scene. I didn't know the girl in this scene, but my wife liked the guy. I asked if she wanted him, and she very matter of factly said yes. She was ready for some more, so I got between her legs and started fingering her. It was Hitachi time as well. As I fingered her pussy and massaged her clit with the magic wand, she watched the movie in envy of the girl. Her second orgasm didn't take long either. With the Hitachi, though, it seemed like her orgasm was on steroids. These are seriously the most intense orgasms I've ever seen from my wife. The Hitachi will most likely be a mainstay for the rest of her life.

Once things wound down, I was put back in my CB3000 and ordered to sleep on the floor next to her bed. Although she was deprived of a good fuck by a real man, she was sexually satisfied. And I was also in an afterglow, proud of my own subservience. I didn't have trouble sleeping at all. My satisfaction came from being comfortable in my place as I drifted off peacefully.

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  1. Great report, I really wish both your wife and you a Happy and Kinky New Year!