Thursday, December 13, 2012

Freestyle Writing About The Extreme Fantasy

As of now, I've been denied orgasm for 18 days and I've been locked in my chastity device since Friday night.

Friday night was date night. After dinner and drinks, my wife and I had some fun in the bedroom. I got her off twice while we watched porn, but I wasn't allowed an orgasm since it wasn't time. Considering the event had gotten me so horny, she decided it would be best if I was locked up until my three week release date.

I've often explained the things that happen to me when I'm horny and have absolutely nothing, not even a full erection, as an outlet. But what is hard to explain is how vivid and perhaps coveted some of my more extreme kinks and fantasies become. I decided to write freely about a thought that has surfaced in my head many times. This is a concept for a very kinky yet tragic situation. While the thought puts me in a state of erotic nirvana, I would never want to experience it in real life.

Our subject is a married man who has introduced Femdom to his wife and they play games from time to time. He confesses to his wife that although he is above average in endowment, he craves small penis humiliation. He confesses that he craves to be cuckolded by her and another man with a bigger dick. She doesn't understand these fantasies, but doesn't see the harm in indulging in his fantasies. She tries to facilitate his growing need to be humiliated by verbally abusing him about his fictional lack of size. It isn't enough for the man. He asks her for permission to undergo penis reduction surgery. His wife is shocked by this revelation and does not like the idea at all. Little by little, he persuades his wife into understanding how important the need is for him until she finally goes along with it. He tells her that she can take on extra lovers if she wants someone with a big dick. She doesn't hold this entire subject in the same regard as he does, but she decides to do what is best to make him happy and support him.

After the procedure and full recovery period, his erections measure at only 3 1/2 inches, per his instructions to the doctor. Initially following the procedure, he has mixed feelings because he realizes the result is permanent. He starts to get nervous about that fact, but reassures himself that he is living his wildest submissive fantasy. There is an unintended consequence, though. When he has intercourse with his wife, she is filled with so much resentment because he took away the pleasure she experienced with him. The sexual chemistry is gone. He feels so bad and starts to really regret his decision. He misses that which he took for granted. He does not like the fact that he can't have that special connection with his wife anymore. He is so distraught that he doesn't mention what he said earlier about his wife having other lovers. However, after months of heartache, she decides to take his original advice have an affair herself. She later admits to her husband that she is sleeping with another man and decides to rub his nose in it because of what he put her through. The husband can't handle the new truth, but has no other choice. He must live with the decision to be a cuckold with an extremely small penis for the rest of his life.

I have a lot of other concepts that I can't even list as true fantasies because they may be considered too extreme even for my taste. Perhaps I will do some other writing on them from time to time.

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  1. Great post. And I do agree that extreme fantasy often needs to remain just that.....fantasy. :)