Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Embracing our roles as Domme and sub

It's as if the wishes of my last blog entry were answered that very night. I was obviously horny as you can tell by my last entry, and when I got to bed, my wife was ready for some fun. We made out for awhile and after some heavy petting followed by some pussy eating, she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I was overjoyed, and I asked if I could come. She said yes, she told me I could have one more chance in her and it better count. She wanted me to fuck her really hard. She loves getting ravaged from time to time, and I try my best to be a man for her when she lets me. I shoved my stiff penis inside and she gave a moan of approval. I started bucking as hard as I could. Ten seconds later, I was coming in my wife. She told me to get down and lick her pussy clean until she came. After that, we held each other. She looked so happy and satisfied. I was too. Although it wasn't a very good performance by me, she appreciated my efforts.

The week that followed was a typical week, but I felt lazy. Lazy like a man who has gotten everything he needs and doesn't want for more. It must have showed in my attention to my wife because by the beginning of the weekend, she made a slight mention of it in passing. She laughed it off, though, as if it wasn't really a problem but more a fact of life: man gets content, man slacks off. She knows that it isn't my intention to become complacent. We have been at this for years now and she is probably getting to know my tendencies too well for me to manipulate them anymore.

By the time Sunday came, I was getting that horny feeling back again. We were on the couch watching tv and she told me her feet were cold. She told me to warm them up for her. After the week we had, which was quote vanilla, I was caught off guard. She told me, not asked me. Usually we have a discussion when things go back to domination mode. This time she just expected it. I must have been surprised not to react soon enough because she put my feet on her lap and said "rub my feet" in a serious tone. I quickly obliged and started getting some friction going on her feet with my hands. She then complained that they were not getting warm fast enough, so I got on the floor so I could get more leverage. Once I was making progress, she started to smile and approve of my work. My penis was rock hard. She had me in a trance and she knew it. Once I got her feet warm enough to her satisfaction, I started kissing them all over. It was my show of submission to her. She thanked me and told me to go make lunch. I was actually being ordered around with no forewarning. But it didn't matter. I was in slave mode as if a switch was flipped.

That night, I was absolutely into serving her, so I offered a pedicure. I had neglected her nightly foot massages lately and she was happy to see me so excited to make up for it. I was wearing nothing but a pair of silky pink panties with lacy ruffles. She loves having her little bitch back. After the pedicure, I gave her a back massage. This made her so happy that I ended up making out with her. This led to me servicing her orally. Once she had her orgasm, she looked at the stiff little soldier trying to bust through in my panties. She told me that I wasn't allowed to fuck her, but she allowed me to dry hump her leg for a little while. At that point, I was happy with any pleasure she bestowed on me. Besides, I had been turned on so much that I couldn't have handled her pussy anyway. I humped away like the dog I was until she grew tired of it. I was not allowed to come. She pulled me up to her and we cuddled. It felt so electric. I was up against the bountiful bosom of my Mommy and I wanted to stay there forever. She was ready to drift off to sleep, but she noticed that my boner was not receding. She told me to lay on the floor until I could control myself enough to join her in bed. And that is what I did.

This was as exciting an experience for me as any others we have lived as Dominant and submissive. The funny thing is, I was at the point of thinking that our peaks in this lifestyle had already been experienced and we had settled into a less extreme and normal protocol of our kinky relationship. I know I have said before that my wife may want my submission on a more permanent basis, but what happened Sunday felt like we are really coming into our own regarding that. Maybe my wife wants to keep me in the role of servant or maybe she likes both sides of me. At any rate, when you least expect it, a fun day like that happens. I hope this is a sign of things to come and an indication of the new norm rather than another peak that will not be experienced often.

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