Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Frustrating Ending to the Drought

Since early August, I had been on a strict chastity schedule with no intercourse and a masturbatory release every three weeks. Last weekend, the drought was finally ended. I was allowed to enter my wife, and came immediately. A day later, I was allowed a blowjob, and came in about ten seconds. That was the extent of my break from denial. A week later, it is even more evident that it wasn't enough for me. I am extremely horny for my wife and feel like last weekend never happened.

The last time I was denied the pleasures of my wife was from January to July. On the weekend that I was finally allowed to have sex, we did it multiple times and I was completely satisfied. It seems that my wife does not want a dropoff in my submission, therefore I will not receive complete satisfaction. I have been put back on the chastity schedule and it may be numerous months before I get another break. I asked how long this next bout would be, and she told me she didn't know. She said it will not be later than next summer, but that she may want me sooner than that. I imagine that she will indeed want to have sex with me before next summer, but the evolution in her denial of my sexual activity has me completely clueless as to my fate, which she has firmly in her grasp.

My thoughts on this are night and day compared to the period in July when I had an all access pass to her sex. Back then, I couldn't have imagined I would have the feelings I have now. I am genuinely frustrated. I want to have sex with my wife in the worst way. I want to caress her bare breasts while fucking her, and I want to suck on them as I pound away before coming inside of her. I just want more time before having to be in chastity. Unfortunately, my wife knows what makes me tick more than ever. She may never let me become the ungrateful idiot that I was back in mid July. I don't blame her.

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