Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Could this mean permanent submission?

It seems that I am experiencing another "be careful what you wish for" moment. At this time, my wife has me completely under her thumb. She is enforcing chastity on me in the strictest manner that she ever has. She hasn't touched my penis in over a month, and has grown fond of having me masturbate during my authorized ejaculations. She also seems to be entertained by my constant fits of horny frustration. We are getting a hotel room for a date night a month from now, and she says I will be allowed to have intercourse with her at that time only. Then it is back in chastity for who knows how many months.

Even in the days when we lived a wife-led marriage, we would have substantial breaks in between chastity periods. There would be a period of having sex which could last a few weeks, then it was back in the cage for me. But now I feel like she wants me in semi-permanent chastity. It is ironic that I mentioned in the first entries of this blog that we were more like kinksters trying different things in bed rather than lifestylers. I think my wife is deciding that a full time chastity lifestyle is better for us. The only result of this is me becoming her full time sub like I thought I wanted. I will say, things are much more real when they hit you square in the face.


  1. You seem torn. Have you talked to your wife about your feelings on the way things have been? Or maybe you've simply been the "good subbie husband" and just gone along with the changes? I can see your concerns. My wife hasn't gone so far, but certainly could if she wants, and that is as much arousing as a bit scary.