Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot blonde images

What is a locked up boy to do with an overcharged sex drive and no way to relieve it? Naturally, the thing to do for me is to make it worse. I have been spending an excessive amount of time torturing myself by looking at pictures of hot voluptuous barefoot blondes. Vanessa Montagne (pictured), Ashley Alexiss, Kimberly Kupps, Trisha Paytas, and of course Erica Lynne are some of the images with which I'm making matters worse. And I just can't stop.

I was told that I would be allowed to jack off tomorrow night. I hope this holds true because I need some relief. Until then, my head is in the clouds.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Could this mean permanent submission?

It seems that I am experiencing another "be careful what you wish for" moment. At this time, my wife has me completely under her thumb. She is enforcing chastity on me in the strictest manner that she ever has. She hasn't touched my penis in over a month, and has grown fond of having me masturbate during my authorized ejaculations. She also seems to be entertained by my constant fits of horny frustration. We are getting a hotel room for a date night a month from now, and she says I will be allowed to have intercourse with her at that time only. Then it is back in chastity for who knows how many months.

Even in the days when we lived a wife-led marriage, we would have substantial breaks in between chastity periods. There would be a period of having sex which could last a few weeks, then it was back in the cage for me. But now I feel like she wants me in semi-permanent chastity. It is ironic that I mentioned in the first entries of this blog that we were more like kinksters trying different things in bed rather than lifestylers. I think my wife is deciding that a full time chastity lifestyle is better for us. The only result of this is me becoming her full time sub like I thought I wanted. I will say, things are much more real when they hit you square in the face.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It is not about me anymore

I'm the one that suggested this whole thing. I am the one who told my wife that I would love to serve as her submissive. I am the one that told her about male chastity devices. I told her how hot it would be if she had sex with other men. Was this just me thinking with my penis rather than my brain? Maybe. Were the words I spoke just bedroom talk to spice up the mood? Perhaps. But the fact that my wife took to these suggestions in a way that resulted in us living them out, well, that put our sex life and our marriage on a different course than it would have been.

This weekend gave me reason to reflect on how those suggestions influenced our life as husband and wife. No, this isn't a textbook wife-led marriage. But my wife has taken steps to ensure that she is extremely satisfied in all aspects of her marriage on her own terms. It is amazing to think of our evolution together and what she has really has taken away from me when I step back and look at things objectively.

The first thing happened Friday night. I was having a conversation with her when she got a text. It was her boyfriend. Our conversation was going to have to wait until another time as she typed away on her phone. A rush came over me. I can't say for sure whether it was a rush of excitment or anxiety, but it just isn't normal to be right in front of your wife while she communicates openly with her sex partner.

The next thing that was very telling was later on during the nightly foot massage. As I began to warm up the lotion in my hands, she pointed down to a spot on her heel. "It is getting rough right there", as if I was a paid employee that was told to focus on the problem areas. Here I am giving massages, a service that not every husband is willing to do, and I am held to a standard that exceeds the act or the principal of the service.

The obvious evolution that I have talked about before is that of our sex life. When my wife and I met, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. She was willing to do things for me sexually that I could never imagined. She loved to make me feel like a man. I couldn't count the number of times she got on her knees before me to suck me until I came down her throat. I had an unlimited amount of amazing sex at my disposal. Now? Sunday night pretty much sums it up.

It had been three weeks of strict chastity for me, and four weeks without an orgasm. As my wife laid there, I came to bed in a see-through pair of skimpy pink panties so that my chastity device was visible. In the front of the waistband is a little red bow that you sometimes see on frilly panties. She smiled at me and told me how cute I looked. When I crawled into bed with her, she started kissing me. We made out while I was locked securely in chastity. She made no mention of unlocking me, but I was enjoying her nonetheless. Once she was nice and wet, I got down and ate her pussy. In between her moans, she told me how good I was doing. I started fingering her as well, adding to the pleasure. In a very short while, she came. I had proven again that I was a good pussy worshipper.

Afterwards, we both enjoyed her post-orgasm feeling. She asked me if I would like to come too. I said I would, and she knew it had been a long time for me so she reached for the key on her nightstand. She gave it to me and I took off my panties, unlocked the device, and removed it. She didn't tell me to go clean myself because she would not be touching it. She told me to jack off. I stroked for what couldn't have been more than ten seconds before the shuddering feeling arrived. She put her feet up and told me to come on them. I fired off huge ropes of semen and drenched her feet with my milky white mess. She then told me to lick them clean, something she knows I really don't like to do after my orgasm, but is becoming the customary way I will enjoy my rare releases.

Once her feet were licked clean, she told me to put the device back on. I was caught off guard with the order and it must have showed. She told me that I had become such a good boy, all thanks to that little cage. This was a first for me. I usually got an overnight reprieve from the cage, but apparently those days are over as well. She is now keeping her pet penis away from me as much as possible.

She is right, though. I am such a good boy now, and I owe it all to my Mommy for taking complete control of me. Gone are the days when my sexual satisfaction was part of the equation. My wife has learned to make herself the focal point of my pleasure and take away the things I once took for granted, and what many men still do. She has made the entire experience about her. And I am still as horny as ever.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The wonders of denial

This last couple of weeks have been pretty intense. Not because we are doing any extreme playing, but because the parameters of my chastity are more strict than ever. Usually when we've played in bed in the past, I am let out of my chastity device even if I'm not allowed to come. Apparently this isn't the case anymore, as the two times I've eaten and gotten my wife off in bed since imposing the rule, she has kept me locked up. Being horny with absolutely no outlet for an extended period of time, no teasing, not even an erection, is something new to me. And we both like it. I do because I guess I am just a glutton for punishment and torture. My wife likes it because of the attention I've given her. We joked that perhaps I should be locked up permanently the way things are going. Well, the idea is out there now.

Like I've said before, this actually isn't 24/7 lockup in a device. I am unable to wear it for my job. From the time I take a shower in the morning until I return home from work, I am on the honor system. She has nothing to worry about, though. In the mornings I am usually in a hurry to get to work, and at work I am too busy or preoccupied to play with myself in any way. Besides, I like being denied orgasm once I get the first few days over with. It gives me the warm feeling that I am being a good boy for Mommy while I'm gone.

Still, there are times when my mind starts to drift during the day and think about my situation. I think, hope, and wonder if eventually my sexual relationship with my wife can become like this forever. No intercourse, no blowjobs, no handjobs, just oral servitude provided by me on her. My penis loses all sexual meaning and is referred to as just a peepee. I become an oral sex pet to the woman I used to call my wife but now call Mommy. It is quite a high to think about these things but at the same time not being able to touch myself.

These thoughts were going through my head a couple of days ago at work. They gave me an erection in my pants that would have been noticeable to anyone who was looking, but luckily I was sitting at a table. The erection felt intense considering I was not getting to have nightly erections nor at any time I'm locked up. Once it was time to get up from the table, the erection subsided. Walking away, I could feel a wet spot that had formed in my pants. I still am amazed at the difference between a regularly functioning male and one that is kept sexually frustrated.

It got me thinking. After being locked and denied for a long time, and then being released from my cage, I could probably have an orgasm with no physical stimulation at all given the right situation. I started to imagine something really naughty. I imagined that I was walking with my wife and her boyfriend into a bedroom. As they sit down on the bed, my wife orders me to strip naked. I comply and then she hands me the key to the device. She tells me to take off the cage and I do. Now I am completely exposed before two fully clothed people. She tells me to get down on my knees before them. When I quickly do, her boyfriend smiles and remarks on how obedient I am, and then he starts to rub her thigh. My peepee starts to stiffen. She has a collar and leash and puts them on me. My growing erection is commented on by them as they take note at how turned on I am. Soon I am fully erect. Tugging on my leash, my wife asks if I am going to be a good doggie while Mommy and Daddy have some fun. That is all it takes, as I look down at my spurting peepee. As shots decorate the floor in front of me, I am laughed at and ridiculed by both of them.

Yes, things are feeling pretty intense.