Monday, August 27, 2012

Erica Lynne: An extreme case study in torture

I like to look at Tumblr a lot to get my Femdom, cleavage, feet, big butt, cuckold, or interracial image fix. What a great invention. Anyway, I scrolled across an extraordinarily hot blonde with an exceptionally curvy figure. It really stopped me dead in my tracks. There are thousands of women that I would consider my type, but this one seemed to be the perfect combination of my favorite features. The caption read: Erica from Bad Girl's Club.

I've never watched that show even though I am well aware of it. I don't care much at all for "reality" television and wonder how it has evolved from the more modest and watchable shows like the original seasons of 'The Real World' and even the first season of 'Survivor' the way it has. But shows like 'Bad Girl's Club' seem to have raised the bar in offensive behavior while lowering the bar in substance and decency in such a way that there really isn't a bar anymore. The women on this show are perpetually trying to prove who is the biggest bitch in the house. Seriously, that is actually the premise of the show. I realize that there is a huge market for this stuff and people just like to watch a good trainwreck once in awhile. But seriously, how is this entertainment?

Sorry for the soapbox-like tangent. Now turning to the point of this post, Erica. She is hot enough to ignore my disdain for the show that made her semi-famous, so I googled her. I learned that there were two Ericas, and this one was from season five in Miami, just for reference. It turns out that she goes by the name Erica Lynne. I decided to look up some clips from the show to see her in action. As expected, she was bitchy, holding her own with the other bitches in the house. The only stuff I could find was her talking shit about the other girls, sleeping all day (well, unless you count the times she woke up to have sex with her BBC boyfriend), and talking shit on the other girls some more. Somehow this propelled her to other ventures. Her attitude, and more to the point, her body, have gotten her into doing spreads in various black men's magazines and in hip hop videos. All this for being as despicable as humanly possible. Why does life have to be so unfair?

The thing is, she is so attractive to me that I don't even care how much of a bitch she could be. What I do care about, though, is the frustration in knowing she has no use for nice guys like myself. Now keep in mind, I'm happily married and could never love any woman the way I love my wife. And to be quite certain, a relationship with a girl like Erica would be disasterous and unhealthy for any man. But biological urges are what they are, and a man always wants to know how he would fare if he was in fact single and had the chance to bed a super attractive female with an attitude. But she wouldn't give a guy like me, a good natured white boy, the time of day. I'm not even speaking for myself at this point. I'm speaking for all nice guys who look at bad girls with such lust. You don't have a chance. And to that I ask, why does life have to be so unfair?

Now to get to the real point; the reason for this post. It had been over a week since I orgasmed, and a few days being locked up in a chastity device, when I discovered Erica. This is not something I should have been torturing myself with in such a helpless state, but I had no control over it. To make matters worse, after looking at her voluptuous pictures and watching YouTube clips of 'BGC', I soon found out that she also had a sex tape (big shocker, but at least she admitted that it wasn't "leaked"). I was definitely going to check out some preview clips of this no matter how frustrated I was going to make myself. There I sat, caged and horny, watching her suck on her man's big black dick before mounting it and riding him. I feel bad for saying this because I am married, but I can't believe how much lust I am feeling for Erica Lynne right now. And there is no way I can alleviate it. Why do horny submissive men in chastity have to be subjected to such electrifying images? Why did I have to discover her at all? Or why couldn't I have found her a week earlier so I could have masturbated to her? Why does life have to be so unfair?

Ok, that last pic has me convinced that she could make me do absolutely anything, probably even kill myself, if she talked to me from that angle.

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