Monday, June 25, 2012

Only one more week of servitude

From the looks of it, this weekend will mark the end of a long bout of submissive servitude. My wife has said that we need to take a break from the games. After six months without having intercourse, she wants to have traditional sex with me again. I know I will not be able to perform to her standards in the beginning, but she knows that a break from the denial will show improvement over time.

Although this could prove to be a much needed thing for both of us, two things brought this upon us that I will continue to regret. One is the lack of a functional cuckold relationship. The only guy she's ever felt comfortable fucking while we've been married lives out of town and both of their lives were just too busy to keep it going on a consistent level. So she needs sex and she has this guy right in front of her (me) that she wants to transform back into a sex partner.

The other thing I'm afraid to revisit is my non-submissive attitude. My mind is constantly flooded with sex and everything sex related. I'm as horny as a teenager and I like having that feeling. If and when I become truly sexually satisfied again, there is going to be a void that I will fill with other things like sports and the like, but the transition will indeed be something I'd rather not even think about at this time. That as well as the submissive posture I've grown quite comfortable with may rear a much different dynamic with my wife when dealing with things outside of the bedroom.

Oh well, I guess. We will soon see what the future brings. For now, all I can do is be the most pampering submissive I can be this week and weekend.


  1. Our femdom sex play has many contradictions. I really really want to have sexual release, but being controlled and denied by her is fun. I *like* to feel as horny as a teenager, thinking of her all the time, but it is also excruciating and frustrating too. I think about sex too much! There is a fine balance. I certainly enjoy it when she fucks me cowboy style, comes, and then leaves me denied. I get the experience of sex but not the post orgasm "let down" in submission. I also get that same "close to sex" feeling with a ruined orgasm, although we haven't done that in a while.

    When I am denied for long periods, I get a bit nervous about actual intercourse, because I know I won't last very long.

  2. you know, you CAN still be submissive and fuck your wife's brains out on the reggie, right?