Monday, June 4, 2012

Does it ever get easier?

It had been a long four weeks. I thought the third week was unbearable, but when I found myself being told to wait just one more week before I was allowed orgasm, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I experienced quite a bit of blue ball syndrome this past week and the only things I could really think about were my wife getting fucked and women's feet. By the time yesterday came and I was promised a release, I was counting the minutes.

Night time arrived and my wife and I started in. I was wearing a pair of pink panties that felt so much better than the plastic chastity device I had been wearing for the last several days. My wife was wearing a black tank top and black panties. The contrast in colors signified our positions as always. I eventually took my place and buried my head between her legs. She was really horny because it didn't take long before my frantic licking got her off. It was finally my turn. I was reminded that she wished I was man enough to fuck her, but I wasn't. But instead of sending me to the bathroom, I was allowed to jack off onto her feet as long as I licked it up.

After an explosive ejaculation prompted by her remarks of how pitiful I was, I looked down at the gigantic mess I had made on her feet. At that very moment of post orgasmic satisfaction, I did not want to partake in the humiliating task that I found so erotic just moments ago. But I am a good boy and I licked it up. All of it. Even the shots that made it up her leg and those that dropped to the sheets. It tasted as disgusting as ever.

I had always heard of men saying that you get used to eating your own come after you do it a couple times. I guess it isn't as bad as the very first time I was ordered to drink myself from my own hand after an almost spontaneous premature ejaculation years ago. But last night I continued to gag at its taste and become enveloped in the same humiliating shame I endured when I licked it from my wife's feet awhile back. Still, as my wife smiled down at me, I felt no better. As I look back on it now, I become erect at the thought. But I thought it would become much easier to accept and perhaps learn to enjoy it in the moment.

I have four more weeks until I am to be cuckolded again. Then, according to the plan, I am allowed to have sex with my wife again. I don't care if I have to use a condom, the day can't get here soon enough. I have been given subtle hints that once that day arrives, she might want to take a break from the denial games and actually allow me to have sex more often with her. We will see. Maybe a break from such a humiliating act as guzzling come is needed.


  1. Out of curiousity, is her bull/boyfriend black? And if he has ever blown a load on her feet, has she ever forced you to lick it up as well as your own?

    1. The answer is no to both of your questions. But that is a fantasy that I wish would come true.