Monday, June 11, 2012

Cuckolding Canceled Again

It looks like my wife isn't hooking up like we expected. Something about it being to much work for both of them to get away for awhile, but I can tell that the enthusiasm on her part is just not there. She's just not into it like she used to be. Instead of just postponing it to a later date which has been the case in the past, it has been canceled with no mention of another meeting.

My first reaction was that of extreme disappointment. But I realize that this is the hard reality of a happily married couple who has pretty much everything they can ask for in life; great family, friends, and careers. Especially for my wife. She has always told me that I am everything she could ever want in a husband. With such a fulfilling life otherwise, I guess she doesn't see the point in adding the element of great sex with someone else. Don't get me wrong, she does like it, has enjoyed it before, and she would never do something that she didn't want to do. But the notion that all a woman needs is a guy on the side to have the best of both worlds is not as easy as it seems. It takes effort that some people that haven't lived the cuckold lifestyle don't understand. You need time and patience which can take quite a portion of your life. I applaud those that can make it work on a regular basis. It seems that we can't.

I know I have made it clear on this blog in the past that we are not trying to follow the template of a wife-led marriage the way we used to. We are only playing on certain kinks because to say we are lifestylers would be dishonest. But in the grand scheme of things related to being a submissive leaning husband, kinky or lifestyle, the cardinal rule is to make sure the wife is happy. If she is not happy domming me, I am not happy submitting. I wish so much that my sex life included nothing more than oral body worship, permanent denial of intercourse, and only having orgasms in the most humiliating ways possible while my wife has real sex with real men. But the fact is that I do what my wife wants.

Now, on to the good news. On the weekend that she was going to hook up, we are getting a hotel room and she said that I would be humiliated in other ways. So I am looking forward to that. And also, it looks like my pussy denial is coming to an end around that time. Regardless of my overall opinion on being denied, it is going to be great feeling the inside of her again. She is giving the impression that we will be going on a break from chastity in general. I just hope my blog creativity doesn't suffer when this happens. But until then, I am in slave mode. She will certainly be taking advantage of the time she has before the break.

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