Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Fever and Summer Torture

I always got spring fever starting at a young age. After a usually gray and nasty winter, the inevitable change back to a sunny and warm climate made me feel substantially better overall. At a young age I would also develop a crush on the girl of that particular year and not be able to keep my mind off of her.

As an adult, that focus shifts more towards a sexual nature. The warm weather brings out the skimpier clothes that women wear, and my favorite, their flip flops exposing fresh pedicures. Add to this my overall better feeling in general, and my sex drive tends to skyrocket. Being on a chastity schedule makes it unbearable, and the summer only seems to get worse. The hot weather seems to also fan the flame of my sexual frustration. Activities like going to the pool surround me with exposed bodies that torment my biological urges. Even my wife, my mate for life, tortures me as she wears her swimsuit which reveals her voluptuous body complete with gorgeous big tits. I can't even turn to her for satisfaction.

I am having uncontrollably extreme, desperate, and even conflicting thoughts now in the beautiful month of May. I want to convince my wife to end the bout of denial with her. I want to be able to spread her legs and thrust deep into her. I want to feel the warm wetness that I took for granted so many years ago. I want to pump until I come inside of her, ending the torture I have endured for so long. Then I want to get worked up enough to fuck her some more. I want us to become one again in that way. I want her to put her arms tight around me as she enjoys my pumping and thrusting. I want to rub her clit while I'm fucking her, until she has her orgasm, carefully timed so that I come with her. I want us to have that special connection as we both orgasm together. Then I want us to collapse into each other's arms in a pool of sweat.

Likewise, I want to be denied the request of fucking her. I want her to tell me that I am useless in that capacity and that I will never be allowed inside of her again. I want her to make me feel like an idiot for requesting such a ridiculous thing. I want her to find a local boyfriend who assumes all sexual rights. I want her to demonstrate what she thinks of me by stripping me naked, putting a collar around my neck with a leash, and making me act like a dog. I want her to restrict further access to her body by making her feet the only part of her body I'm ever allowed to kiss and worship, and only as a reward. And when I beg for her to relieve my sexual frustration, I want her to slap my balls until my arousal goes away.

Strangely enough, I want both of these scenarios equally. Obviously, I just want to have my sexual urges met in the most extreme way. However, life isn't just about my wants and desires. I have a feeling that it is going to be a long summer.

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