Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sara Jay and Gianna Michaels: Two women I can't get out of my head

I will preface this blog entry by saying that if I was given the opportunity to be in a sexual situation with any woman, my choice would be to watch my wife have the greatest sex ever with a big dicked stud, bottom line. My second choice would be to watch her with some other big dicked stud. I am married to the woman I love most and the thing that makes my love and lust for her is the fact that she is who she is. To live out my cuckold fantasy with her would be more rewarding and fulfilling than being with anyone else in any capacity.

Having said that (oh yes, you knew it was coming), I am only a mortal man who has a reasonable sex drive. And my sex drive is magnified what seems to be tenfold by orgasm denial. So as any man not without flaws, I am attracted to other women. Still, as a married man who takes a sexually subservient role in a marriage, it seems quite awkward to also mention the urges and temptations out there. But they are out there. Two women who do not help the matter of keeping my attention on my wife are Sara Jay and Gianna Michaels. I fantasize about a scenario involving both of them.

I'll start with Sara Jay. My preference for women is always about being curvy with big breasts, big asses, and legs with substance. So it is natural that I am attracted to Sara Jay. But I think what sets her apart from the rest is how unique she looks. There are a million pornstars out there that are ultra hot, but I don't know anybody who looks similar to Sara. She has the most seductive eyes in the industry, and quite frankly, the definite features in her face put me in a trance and make me want to drop to my knees and hope to be accepted by her. To add to her awesome curves and adorable face, I think she has the most suckable looking toes on earth. She has the cutest little feet with little toes that make me salivate.

My fantasies are definitely not your typical run of the mill, conventional jack off fantasies. In my ultimate fantasy involving her, Sara would play the role of my strict stepmother. She would make me call her Mommy and never tolerate anything but my best behavior. That wouldn't take much work on her part because not only would I be afraid of her, my crush on her would also ensure that I go out of my way to please her at all times. I would make her proud to have a good boy like me. I would be required to perform all chores in the house as well as serve as somewhat of a personal assistant to her. Well aware of her sexual power over me, she would keep me in chastity and reward me with things like foot worship, ass worship, and sometimes I'd get lucky enough to perform cunnilingus on her. She would also let me watch her have sex with other men. This would serve as a reward, but also a reminder that she has real men in her life while I am more of a service boy.

Gianna Michaels is also a voluptuous vixen in the industry. Her natural figure is top notch, and watching her fuck on screen magnifies it. She also has a uniquely seductive look that sets her apart. If you see a picture of her looking into the camera, her eyes seem to be asking if you can keep up with her. This is even more evident while she fucks. The way she looks at the person. It is like she dares the partner to give her what she needs but they are going to have to work for it.

As a weak sexual performer, I know that I would not be able to keep up with her. I guess knowing that gives me an automatic feeling of inferiority to her. In my fantasy, Gianna would play the role of my bratty stepsister. She would have a sense of self-entitlement, and the things she can get with her beauty would only prove her correct. A modern day princess, she would not do any chores since that is my job. She would also know that I have a crush on her and play it to her advantage. She would be bratty especially towards me and my resentment would sometimes boil to levels of near rebellion against her. However, any time I lose my temper and begin to raise my voice at her, she would call my bluff and stand up to me. I would always cower, lower my head, remember my place in the household and apologize. She would then point to her feet as an order to kiss them. I would obey the order, making my apology complete.

As if doing enough chores for myself and Gianna wasn't enough, she would also blackmail me into doing even more personal chores for her. If she ever caught me sniffing her panties, she would hold it against me and threaten to tell Mommy (Sara Jay). That is the last thing I would ever want, so I would be trapped into doing anything Gianna says, including ironing her clothes, buying her things, giving her massages and pedicures, perhaps even more personal things like shaving her legs too. She would also humiliate me in front of her friends by making me lick her sweaty feet after she's been out all day or shoving my face in her ass. She would also humiliate me in front of her boyfriends by making me be act as a sissy maid while they have sex. The possibilities here are endless.

The good thing about the fantasy world is that things don't have to make absolute sense. The three of us would all be adults and Sara and Gianna somehow would not be related as mother and daughter. In fact, to each other the women would act more as peers and in some cases, lovers. Yet the three of us would live in this house with the rules aforementioned.

For me, this scenario is quite the exotic escape from real life. But I suppose now is the time to refocus on my real Mommy (my wife). She let me jack off in the bathroom last night so I feel the need to plan something special in appreciation. So goobye for now, Sara Jay and Gianna Michaels. I'm sure I will be visiting again soon.


  1. both amazing women!

    there are a few others that I really really really enjoy...
    Daphne Rosen even though her tits are super fake, she does some kink.com stuff that's awesome.

    Vanessa Blue. Good god Vanessa Blue. Wanna be her little white boy bitch. :P

    probably about a million more too. :P

  2. Great post. I don't know these two at all but your descriptions of your fantasies about them are wonderful.

    I've been reading through your back posts and your voice is spot-on and unique in my experience on the internet. You capture both the hot sexuality of cuckolding and yet you balance it with real life emotional and psychological brass tacks. I have never really explored cuckolding, but I deep and intense fantasies about it. Hot chat with an occasional playmate I talk about on my blog but nothing nearly real.

    I think I'd love it, but I suppose you never really know until you are in it. One of your posts entitled "Be Careful What You Wish For" sums it up. Until the right situation presents, I'll content myself with fantasy for now. Keep writing. You provide truly valuable insight!