Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quarterly Orgasm Report

I thought it would be interesting to look back on the year when it comes to my orgasms vs. my wife's orgasms. Being in a sexual relationship where the wife's satisfaction is the only thing that matters, I like to see the ratios. Breaking the year down into quarters, and then giving a final tally at the end of the year seems most appropriate.

This first quarter of the year, I totaled five orgasms. I had intercourse one time at the beginning of the year, three orgasms by way of authorized masturbation, and one authorized accident. My wife has enjoyed eleven orgasms during the first quarter, at least with me performing on her. She says she's not much of a masturbator by herself. All I can do is take her word on it, although it is none of my business what she does without me so I leave it at that. So the total for this quarter is 11:5.

I hope and think that this first quarter of the year is the exception to the rule. There were a lot of things going on regarding work for both of us, so there wasn't as much time as usual to pleasure my wife the way we are used to. Things on that front are starting to wind down, so I think the ratio will be tilted a lot more in her favor in the second quarter.


  1. Hmmmm
    I am fascinated with this topic myself. Eleven female orgasms in three months doesn't seem like that many. Does she have a low libido? When we first started playing with male orgasm denial, my wife would insist that she have two orgasms per session. It was very hot. But she is not allowing that any more, she seems perfectly satisfied with a single orgasm. This is mildly distressing to me (and a future blog topic). I feel much more submissive to her when "the ratio" is more in her favor. But yes, I am a submissive husband and feel compelled to monitor this situation.


    1. Eleven orgasms in three months is quite low for my wife. That is why I consider this the exception to the rule. She is in fact a sexual person, but the hectic schedules got the best of us. Things will probably pick up again. I will say that as the years go by, there is less and less sex no matter what. We were at least twice a week going at it even ten years into our marriage. But eventually there is a slowdown which is always concerning for us men.