Monday, April 9, 2012

Approaching 100 days without intercourse

I can say for certain that from the day I met my wife, I have never gone this long without intercourse. Although I knew what it was like to go sexless at one time, it has been over a decade since that time. I have heard of countless married couples who have said the spark is gone and they rarely have intercourse, if ever. But the spark is not gone in my marriage, and we have as much fun in bed as possible. I just so happen to be denied entry to her hot pussy.

I really have no room to complain. This was my idea. If you are new to the blog, I proposed that perhaps I should be denied intercourse until her next meeting with her guy friend, who lives out of town. Why would I have done something like that? One would think that it means a husband doesn't care to have sex with his wife due to a lack of attraction, and therefore knows he won't miss it. But that is quite the opposite. I can think of no greater feeling than when I ejaculate inside of my wife. The look she would give me while I filled her full of my seed. The entire experience is unmatched. The problem is that it became a selfish act. I was underperforming and shooting my load quickly and she became disappointed every time I reached orgasm. Then, post orgasm, I would roll over and assume the non-submissive persona that lacked the sensuality she grew to love during times of chastity. The natural progression was to deny the lowly husband the opportunity to engage in the sexual activity that real men take for granted. Looking back, it becomes even more obvious why she quickly agreed to this.

I now laugh at the thought that I had made plans on how to encourage her to stay the course. That seems a distant memory now when we play in bed. She never lets my penis get anywhere close to her pussy. My tongue, fingers, and toys are allowed. But the sexual organ that makes me a man is now treated like a toy for her entertainment, and a tool for my subservience. She likes to look at my erection and put it in her mouth. I'm lucky I get to experience that and I think it has kept my sanity in all of this. But that is all I get to enjoy. Besides the occasional accident, all of my authorized ejaculations have been directed toward the bathroom, away from her. And she has hinted that I may be required to wear a condom when I'm finally allowed to fuck her. At this point, I hope the original terms of our arrangement haven't changed. I hope I am still allowed to enter her after her meeting with her man.


  1. Does your wife have plans fr a eeting with her friend soon? Will uou be involved?

    Good luck.


    1. There might be potential for a quickie for them in a few weeks. But nothing reliable enough to really report on. And unfortunately, I am never involved. I hope I am eventually.