Sunday, March 4, 2012

Denied but Grateful

We're in the middle of some busy times both at work and at home. There hasn't been much in the form of news on our front. It has been too hectic for either my wife or I to be in the mood. But for the first time in a couple weeks, we got some time to ourselves this weekend. It really helped get our minds back into it. It wasn't much, but it was fun.

Making out in our bed on Saturday night, I thought of the different ways I could get her off. I decided nothing could be better than the taste of her pussy after what is considered a long drought for us. So I opted to go down on her for a simple but rewarding act of cunnilingus. Since she hadn't had time for anything either, the feel of my tongue was really doing it for her. And I love worshipping her pussy, which I am forbidden to enter with my penis for the time being. It makes it all the more enjoyable knowing that I am being given a treat that is not to be taken for granted. Her "friend" doesn't eat her pussy. His game is fucking, and he does it well. She is pretty much under his control in bed when they meet up, and he chooses to spend his time fucking her pussy, mouth, or tits. So we both have our individual places in her sex life. And performing oral sex on her fits me perfectly.

After making her come with my tongue alone, she started stroking my stiff boner with her feet. Then we both realized that it had already been three weeks since I was last allowed to masturbate. She toyed with me, asking me if I deserved to jack off. I knew what she meant, though. I haven't been very attentive toward her the way I usually am. The hectic schedules all but prevented that. Still, I couldn't tell her I deserved it with a straight face. I confessed that I haven't been very good with the pampering. She agreed, and decided that I would wait one more week. At that point, I did the only thing an honest submissive husband could do. I thanked her for being fair. I promised that I would do a better job this week.

We kissed a little more and talked some. We agreed that we would try to make more time for each other. She mentioned that she had been talking to "him" on the phone here and there. My erection got as stiff as ever and I directed her hand to it, showing the effect her extra-marital affair has on me. She laughed and said something to the effect of being glad she wasn't in my frustrated situation. Then she told me to get some lotion. She said I could start on my extra care of her feet right then. And that is how she fell asleep, with me massaging them. Watching her sleep, all I could think was how I couldn't wait until they had sex again. They both deserve it.

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