Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Demonstrating her power on my release date

After a long four weeks of hard work, busy schedules, and of course, orgasm denial, I was finally allowed to masturbate on Saturday night. It was something that was needed in my opinion. And I think it may have jump started my libido a bit.

My wife and I were laying in bed and she started her way inward signaling that I was going to get lucky. We made out until I eventually found my face in her ass while she was on all fours. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her asshole while I played with her clit. She began the serious moaning that told me it wouldn't be long. I started to finger fuck her while playing with her clit. She kept saying how good it was over and over until she came.

After laying in a post orgasmic trance, she finally rolled over and asked me how I wanted to come this time. Knowing I wasn't allowed to fuck her, I decided to try my luck and ask if I could come on her feet. She said I should probably go in the bathroom and jack off instead. I gave it one more try and promised I'd lick up all of my mess if she would let me just come on her feet. She said no, so that was that.

Getting off the bed and heading toward the master bathroom, I stopped and asked if I could play with myself just a little more in her presence before I went in there. She said yes, and I started stroking. I was near the edge of the bed, and she stuck her foot up by my face. I started licking her foot frantically like a dog who shows subservience to his owner. She smiled. Although she doesn't get off on the power in bed as much as I'd like her to, she seemed to enjoy what she had me doing before her right there and then. I refer back to most vanilla couples who have been married for a decade or so and the spark is gone. Most wives couldn't get their husbands to so much as cuddle, and here she is with a husband getting off on the taste of her foot before relishing the opportunity to masturbate to her. And that is what I did when I sat on the toilet and released four weeks worth of semen into my hand.

As I returned to the bed, she was again smiling at my predicament and asking me how it felt. When I admitted it was nothing compared to fucking her, she said good. Not long after, I couldn't keep my mind off of her and the power she has over me now.


  1. Hot story! Our intercourse sessions have been pulled back a lot. She enjoys denying me, but when she actually lets me penetrate, I have zero endurance. The only way I can gain endurance is through more regular release, but she doesn't want that. It is fun for her to have so much power over me...

    1. That is how we were for a couple years before this. Enter my wife's boyfriend who fucks her like crazy, and it is easy to see why I'm not having intercourse at all.