Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughts for the Week

Things have been busy around my neck of the woods, so we haven't had much playtime. Hectic work weeks take their toll. After a weekend to recover from the daily grind, the kinky thoughts have started to flow again. I have some ideas in the works for blog entries down the line, but nothing ready as of now. So I thought I'd just share some of the fantasies and thoughts that have been creeping in little by little lately.

1) I love watching porn. I'm not talking about fetish flicks where a guy is being spanked or worshipping feet. I like those too. But I put fetish films in a different category. When I mean porn, I mean where actual sex is involved. But I like pure, straight to the point, one-on-one man and woman fucking each other and getting lost in the throes of passion porn more than anything else. Any sensuality is an added bonus. I have little use for specialties like gangbangs, double penetration, fisting, or even anal to some extent. I appreciate a sexually overcharged and heated display of intercourse, with a man driving his manhood into a wanting, willing woman's pussy and taking it as his. Perhaps it is because of my own lack of ability when it comes to making a woman bounce on my penis while maintaining absolute control.

2) Although I am a submissive in the bedroom and have no staying power whatsoever, I do not have a small penis. In fact, my wife wishes my penis could perform as good as it looks. I am not saying I am huge, but I can hardly call myself a tiny dicked wimp. The sight of my erection has gotten my wife in the mood several times, so I have to admit that I am grateful for that. So the other day I asked my wife if she would have been as attracted to me if I had a smaller member. She said yes, but I don't know the real answer for that. She likes looking at big dicks and watching them in action, as proven by the porn we watch, and has admitted in the past that little dicks make her laugh. Sometimes I wish I had an erection that was really small, about 3 1/2 to 4 inches, something embarrassing, given the possibility she wasn't lying about still having the same amount of sexual attraction to me.

3) Sometimes I think about the things my wife has done with her man that she hasn't done with me. One time he had her on the floor, topless, in between his legs while he sat back on a couch. She sucked on his cock until he exploded all over her bare tits. I can't even remember the last time I got to see my wife completely topless, and here he is with free reign of them. She says he has a lot of fun doing different things with her huge breasts.

4) I was folding laundry this weekend, and I was putting away one of my wife's dress shirts when a fantasy popped up. I fantasized about her inviting some friends over for wine. These are the friends that know about our situation. As they begin to drink and feel the effects of the alcohol, my wife starts telling them about how I like to wear her panties. I start to protest this whole conversation, but she quickly puts me in my place and tells me to shut up. They collectively decide that they want to see me in them. I am ordered to the bedroom to put on panties and display myself for their amusement. But it doesn't stop there. They have me try on different outfits and lingerie while they tell me how cute I look in each and every item. Finally, they decide on putting me in the French Maid's outfit and having me serve them drinks the rest of the night. When they eventually leave, my wife thanks me for being a good sport, and as a reward I get to dry hump her leg to completion.

5) As much cuckold angst as I've experienced in the past and as much as I would probably regret it, sometimes I think about the possibilities of never being allowed intercourse again. It makes me think about my wife fucking her man in front of me and telling me that she's never going to fuck me again. And these thoughts get me very aroused.

6) The picture below is another favorite of mine.

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