Monday, February 27, 2012

Rule Number 1 for the Aspiring Cuckold

So you've decided that you can't just fantasize about it any longer. It has to be a real time thing because you've found your true calling. You want to be a real life cuckold. But how do you go about doing it?

Before I get going with this, I want to make it clear that I am not the foremost authority on every cuckold situation known to man. But there are some things that everyone can heed in order to get things going in the right direction. A lot of it is common sense, but many times we do not stop and think that common sense can prevail in such a bizarre situation. Nevertheless, I see some of the strangest requests among men who aspire to be a cuckold. One thing to keep in mind is that a relationship is a relationship is a relationship. If you wish to experience the kinks of being cuckolded without regard to the woman you are potentially marrying, you're headed in the direction for disaster. This brings me to, in my opinion, the biggest thing to consider if you truly want to live life as a cuckold.

Rule #1-- Find the right woman.

I know this sounds basic and obvious. But think about what this means. You cannot expect any woman you marry to become a cuckoldress. You cannot marry a woman, and then years later decide you want to turn this fantasy into reality, unless you married the right woman. This is one of the biggest problems facing wannabe cucks today. We as men don't know what we really want out of life when we are at that age when people usually get married. Or we think we do, but our biggest fantasies and desires that we think impossible at the time are stored away in a closet of denial. After settling into our marriages and becoming secure in our situations, we start to realize that we want to explore our desires. But by this time we know whether our wives will be into this or not. Usually not. I would ask this to any man who wants to know how to get his wife to cuckold them. First of all, did you marry the right type of woman for this?

A large percentage of women in western society have their version of the ideal life. Marriage, kids, career, happiness. They have no desire to stray from the core foundation of the family unit. To suggest that every married woman could act on an arousing thought of being taken away, if only for a moment, by a strange yet handsome man for some mind blowing sex is just dishonest. You will even find a percentage of women who don't even like the idea, let alone actually acting on it. Maybe it is because it goes against everything they have ever been taught. Maybe it is because in the grand scheme of things, it gets them no closer to their goal of the ideal life. Some feel the self guilt would override any experience. Whatever the reason, a huge percentage of women just won't do it no matter what. And if you are trying to convince the wrong woman to cuckold you, you will never succeed.

I think a lot of cuckolds stumbled upon the right woman due to blind luck. I feel somewhat in that category. In the beginning, I never thought my wife would go for something like this. But upon meeting her, there were some signs that attracted me to her besides the chemistry and physical appearance. She had a very wild streak. She knew how to have fun and nobody was going to stop her. Her assertiveness to have fun was a very strong sign for me because I saw her as a potential mate that could take charge of our relationship the way I had dreamed of. And that was a big part of me marrying her. But these qualities about her proved to be beneficial later on in the marriage. She was also a very sexual person, so it wouldn't be ridiculous to think she had a very active sex life before me. She confirmed as much when I had told her about my desires to be cuckolded. And that is why I think I am fortunate enough to have a wife who cuckolds me.
Because she is that type of woman.

The sad truth is that it is too late for many married guys to live out their dreams of having their wives get fucked by other men. The solution to that is to get a divorce and start over. But do the ends justify the means? Probably not if that is the only reason for divorce. So by using the logic laid out here, perhaps the unmarried men are at an even better advantage of becoming a cuck than most already married men.

I'm going to underscore that every situation and every relationship is unique in its own way. That is why I try to carefully word my assessments. There are probably some guys who can bring out an inner slut in their wives that nobody knew possible. But I truly think that in the big picture, the odds are stacked against you.

I guess my whole point here deals with the men who frequently ask for the seemingly magic formula for getting their wives to have extra-marital affairs. There is no one sure fire way that will work. But there are some ways that will work, if you marry the right woman.


  1. You've made a good point there... after all, most guys probably have some kind of attitude regarding fidelity and how important it is to them, or have had at some point in their lives. If one of the attributes you looked for in a partner was loyalty and fidelity then perhaps you are out of luck!

  2. My wife took a little convincing, tried it, then started enjoying it a lot, which scared me and caused much angst - now we've stopped. But I still yearn to be cuckolded, but am scared she enjoys it too much. I can't keep opening and closing the door for her. It's very frustrating to be me!

    1. I ran into that same issue, but I was actually scared to quit because I knew I would always want this. So I talked with my wife and we had decided on making it a less occasional thing. After about a year of that, I decided my desire was so much that I asked again for it to be as full time as possible. The jury is still out on that. The opportunities haven't been there lately.