Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Samantha Strong Obsession

Surfing the web recently, I ran across an old picture that brought back memories. Her name is Samantha Strong, and she was the greatest sexual fantasy of my teenage years. Back then, at my age, I shouldn't have known about her. But I did have that old Hustler magazine that I found. She was in the back of the magazine in the ads for videos you could order. I remember one in particular so vividly. In the mix with names such as Rachel Ryan, Brandy Wine, Ebony Ayes, Laurel Canyon, Lois Ayres, and Gail Force, there she stood out. Her section showed one picture of her face, gazing upon you with "you can't handle this" eyes. Another smaller shot showed her with a cock in her hand getting ready to go down on it. And the last shot had her getting fucked by some lucky guy. I knew I could never have her, but if I wasn't so young I would have done something, anything to meet her just once.

Fast forward to present day. That picture of Samantha prompted me to search the web for more pics of her. And so I found more, with her big hair of the 80's and early 90's, blonde just like I like it, and in one pic she seemed to be moaning with her eyes closed. Just then, I realized something. There was an eerie resemblance to old pictures I've seen of my wife when she was about 17 or 18, styled in that same hairdo and makeup. I hadn't met my wife until she was in her mid 20's, so I had missed that early part of her adult life. But I was always interested in seeing pictures of her because I thought she looked very hot in that retro style. Now I find a correlation between the woman I masturbated to as a teenager and the woman I married. And now every time I see a scene with Samantha, I will need little help imagining what my wife must have looked like when she fucked her old boyfriends. I can pretend that I am back in that time as a horny teenager, peering through a window and playing with myself while a real man pounds my future wife.

The fact that I'm now on a masturbation schedule as opposed to a sex schedule plays right into this. Just as I was a teen who masturbated to her favorite woman, a woman who fucked real men, I am back to that level. I masturbate to the woman I love, and she has a real man who fucks her. If somebody would have told me back then that the only change to my sex life was that I got to actually kiss the feet of the woman I jacked off to, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.


  1. My Suzy frowns upon porn; something that I have "enjoyed" for a long time, before I "should have". My favorite porn star is Ashlyn Gere. Not so much for her looks, but her enthusiasm for sex. That goes a long way :)

  2. lovetosubmit,
    I remember Ashlyn Gere being right among the women I named. I can't believe I forgot to mention her because she is indeed a classic.

    I feel very lucky that my wife likes to watch porn. With all the bad titles and cheesy plots to sort through, it is hard to find the good ones to show her.