Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Long Week and The Importance of Communication

It seems like everywhere I turn or every thought that crosses my mind makes me horny. More so than usual I think. I am most likely going to be allowed to masturbate sometime this weekend, but I'm not exactly sure how to cope this week without losing my mind.

My wife and I got some time alone to ourselves again this past weekend. This time there were no toys or porn, just us two going at it. After a foot massage, she was in the mood to play. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and she played with my penis. She quickly got me hard and put my erection in her mouth after getting assurance from me that I wouldn't have an accident. She sucked on me for a while while her pussy got wetter. Once I could take no more, I pulled away from her mouth and pulled her panties off. I licked her pussy and clit to orgasm.

After I put her panties back on her, I was still kneeling before her with a leaking boner. Like I do sometimes when she's had her orgasm and I'm denied and at my horniest, I started to go into a confession-like diatribe about how I loved her controlling me like this and that I hoped that she liked it as well. She assured me that she felt lucky to have a husband be so subservient for her. I apologized that it was so strange for a person to act like this and that I appreciated how she accepted me for who I am. I told her about how I believe slaves shouldn't be allowed to have intercourse with their owners, and how denying me intercourse seemed so natural and made me want her even more. And I apologized that I might be pushing her into such a kinky approach to sex in order to turn me into such an attentive husband. She reassured me that she liked how things were going and that she didn't want to stop, which I was thankful for. Then I admitted to her that this three week period is proving to be more torturous than usual probably because my last release was not by intercourse. She smiled and told me I could handle one more week. I asked her if there was a chance that I could just masturbate right then and make it a two week schedule. She said absolutely not, and said we are not changing the rules.

After awhile, when things had cooled down, I felt embarrassed for putting my thoughts out there like that. But in the long run, those talks are beneficial to know where we both are when it comes to satisfaction in our sex life. If you go on any forum, whether it be about cuckolding, wife-led marriages, or any relationship advice, the main theme seems to be communication. So many husbands have been told about communication, but they usually are too afraid to put themselves in such a vulnerable position. I understand that completely. But I think dropping subtle hints and waiting for your partner to figure it out can have adverse effects. Going straight forward with it, in my opinion, is essential to furthering an alternative lifestyle. You have to know where each other stands on your feelings.

For the rest of the weekend, I was as horny as I've ever been. As my wife walked around the house, I was fixated on her. I wanted her so badly, and she knew it. She knew she was in control, and made me do some added chores here and there. I don't know what I can do to get my mind off of her. I need to think clearly and get my head in another place to make the week go by faster. But at least I still feel like this was all worth it.

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  1. Great post. It is so liberating to tell the woman you love all of your deepest desires. I love how I feel when I bare all my thoughts for her. This was something I did from a very early point in our relationship. Even though we will not likely pursue each fantasy, it's a wonderful thing to have truly great communication.