Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thoughts For the New Year

The more time goes on, the less I feel the need to make a New Year's resolution when it comes to vanilla life. I do try to be the best person I can all the time and I have a diet and exercise routine that doesn't need a shot in the arm every time January 1st rolls around.

Then there is my alternative, kinky side. I always like to set goals when it comes to having a fun and spicy sex life. A few years ago on my former blog, I set a number of nearly unrealistic goals that dealt with being a better submissive husband. To give an example, I think one resolution was to never touch myself in an arousing way all year. You get the point. I don't think any of the goals were met directly, but I did improve in a lot of areas such as the aforementioned masturbation as well as communication with my wife.

In 2010, I reached some big resolutions like finally being cuckolded and being allowed the least amount or orgasms I can ever remember in a calender year. Still, those were not really things I had complete control over. That is why I look at the new year as a starting point for a new set of hopes rather than resolutions. Although I consider myself a vanilla lifestyle-living man with some extreme kinks in the bedroom, I am hoping that 2012 puts me in a constant state of arousal fueled by orgasm denial, and subsequent submission to my wife.

She has been hinting around that she might be ready to put me on the original schedule of one orgasm every three weeks. Here is an explanation for this reasoning. In the days when she wanted sex two to three times a week, I was better conditioned to provide a longer sexual experience for her because I was in fact orgasming at least twice a week. Now that she is wanting sex on average of once a week, maybe once every ten days, the intervals between my orgasms maintain my sensitivity, and therefore keep my sexual performance as inadequate. She notices this, and may decide to just go with the chastity since she knows she can get away with a lot more when I'm constantly horny. And I think I am ready for that. I would like to see if I can break my own record for least amount of orgasms in a calendar year.

I also hope to be cuckolded at a more constant rate. It has been months since the last time due to various reasons, none of which has to do with eagerness on the part of myself, my wife, or her guy. We all hope that things open up in our schedules to provide more time for it. Which would mean a more strict enforcement of me wearing condoms. Wow, I can't believe I am wanting to go through with this, but I am.

Last but not least is the content of my blog in the year 2012. Though I cannot control the amount of free time I have for it, I hope to be able to keep people reading. If I haven't said it before I will say it now. I have a lot of kinky thoughts and ideas. This blog will not only be about my sex life, but also about the kinks that go through my head for people who have those same thoughts and ideas. I am thinking of reviewing and reporting on some of my favorite reference points on the web, and I am going to re-post an entry from my last blog which listed my top ten favorite Dommes, updated of course. I don't know how many people like or read my blog, but I hope to entertain those that do while also expanding my audience.

Best of luck to all of you in the new year. May your hopes for 2012 be met as well.

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