Monday, January 23, 2012

The Saga of No Intercourse Begins

I enjoyed a great time in bed with my wife last night. I also got to release after three weeks of denial. This post was going to be about my experience being sent to the bathroom to masturbate, but I was lucky enough to stroke myself in front of her.

It all started on a night when she was really in the mood. A short session of making out was all it took for her to get wet. After so many years of being married to her, I am very much in tune with her body and how it reacts sexually. She was horny last night, and I was mesmerized by her curvy body in her silk nightie. With her panties starting to get significantly damp, I pulled out her lifelike, 7 inch dildo. Just like the days when I would start to dry hump her about this time, I instead laid the dildo up against her damp pantied crotch and grinded. After all, the agreed upon plan was for my penis to be completely substituted by the dildo. Her reaction was that of excitement and she became even more horny.

Eventually, it was time to stop teasing her and I pulled off her panties. That is when she said she wanted it inside of her. I shoved my cyberskin twin in my mouth to get it wet for her, which she has admitted she finds hot. Then I proceeded to fuck her with it. Her earliest impressions of dildo play were that they seem to go in deeper than she'd like, so like I did a couple of weeks ago, I concentrated on a better position and depth that seemed to solve the issue and work like magic. She couldn't stop saying how good it felt. She was approaching orgasm quickly and her pussy lubricated the dildo more and more as the dildo fucked and fucked. A couple of sensual caresses on her clit with my thumb and she could take no more. She clinched, shuddered, and collapsed, holding my thumb on her clit and the dildo inside of her.

Once she sat back up, it was my turn. The event had me as hard as ever. My hot wife's cute little foot made its way to my pink panty-encased boner. I told her I was so close to coming. That is when she pulled her foot away and told me to jack off for her. I took out my boner and stroked it. Truth be told, the command to jack off was what sent me over the edge, but my hand helped with the sensation. I tried to catch three weeks worth of come in my other hand, but the mess ran down to the sheets where I would be sleeping.

Once I cleaned everything up and put away her toy, we cuddled and reflected on what transpired. She complimented me in my improving technique with the dildo and repeated how good it was. She also took notice on how excited I seemed to be by watching her get fucked silly. The intensity of our sex last night may have been enough encouragement to stick with the plan indefinitely. We will see. As I type this one day later, I am already just as horny as before I came. It will be a long three weeks.


  1. OMG that was so very hot and sensual!...i always find it erotic...and sometimes humiliating to be "made" to jerk-off in front of my Wife!...Especially when it's combined with being denied intercourse with Her...and being sent to the bathroom to "finish myself" if i'm being dismissed from Her presence...submissive heaven and hell!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Heaven and hell is absolutely right! I haven't been sent to the bathroom yet, but it has been talked about. Still having mixed feelings about that one.