Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing With Fire

After my wife told me that my sex life was basically going to be reduced to that of a masturbating teenager, it took about a week to get over the emotional high which news of that nature can bring to a submissive male. Now it is time to think in terms of reality. In all likelihood, my fate isn't completely sealed. I can probably have intercourse with her in the near future because she will want it a lot sooner than she'll see her fuck buddy next. And as much enthusiasm as she showed the night she proclaimed I was cut off, she has easily let hard rules slide in the past when in the middle of a passionate sex session.

The big question for me is whether or not I should encourage her and help her stick to the rules. All it would take is a couple of times where I would re-enforce her during signs of weakness, reminding her of the advantages and reassuring her that I'm ready to make that commitment. She would eventually take my cue and turn it into absolute reality, the likes of which would eventually eliminate my choice in the matter. So am I really ready to do that?

As you can see, the picture above is from Cuckold Me Now, a website that has some pretty cool cuck videos if you like it extreme. Those of you just getting into the lifestyle or wanting to that are interested in extreme cuckolding, you probably look at the picture and think, "That cuck is so lucky. I'd love to live like that". But think about if that opportunity was presented to you right now. That you could change your life and live as a cuckold in chastity. Of course, you would have no control over your wife's sex life or your own orgasms. You would have to look yourself in the mirror every day and know you've been brought down a level in life. Not to mention, being humiliated in front of another man. Would you sign the dotted line right away? The reality of relinquishing so much control sinks in and you hesitate.

It is a situation similar to mine. If I told my wife to be diligent in her treatment of me, I would in turn be sealing my own fate. It would be my own fault if I couldn't handle the fact that I wasn't allowed to orgasm with my wife. It would be my own fault that my hand would be the only pleasure my penis would receive, sending me back to the days when I would stroke myself wondering what it was like to feel a woman. Should I strive for that, or should I save myself from the regrets that would arise down the road? At this moment, I'm leaning towards playing with fire and risking the burns that will come from it.


  1. i am a cuckolded husband...happily living within a Femdom...FLM...Yes my gorgeous Wife fucks other men...and Women on occasion...but we still have a sex life together...but always on Her terms...You are correct to advise" those jerking-off to the fantasy of being "forced" to watch their own, private little porno show, featuring their Wife fucking and pleasing another man in ways they imagine (or know deep down) they never could...my Wife has been cuckolding me within a Femdom relationship for three years now...She has not yet allowed me to watch Her opening Herself up to another man's cock yet...though i have seen Her with other Women...She says that She doesn't think i'm emotionally ready to see the reality of my Wife getting taken by a man who has absolutely no submissive tendencies...i trust Her judgment on this...(not that i have any choice!)...although She has hinted that soon...i may be allowed to watch Her suck off Her lover's cock while i am kept locked away in my chastity cage!...In other words...when the time comes...She will not be allowing me to play with myself...while She on the other hand...will be more than playing with another man's dick to both of there mutual pleasure!....Some of you may have to stop and ask yourselves if you truly are ready to be demoted within the marriage...and totally under Her control...dictated by Her mood and desires...it's not always a turn on i promise you that! But...we have never been happier together!

  2. Hi k,

    Thanks for commenting. I see that you are handling the loss of control quite well. I will be reading your blog to check out your progress in getting to that point. I have been in the situation of losing control before, but I think I am better prepared to handle it now. I think.