Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Me Feel As Good As I Make Her Feel

This weekend was a fortunate opportunity to have a date night. I love date nights. They typically include an offsite babysitter so we have the house to ourselves overnight. This helps my wife in letting her hair down when it comes to bedroom play. And we always try to take advantage of it. We watch porn which really gets us in the mood. I am usually told to kneel at the foot of the bed and massage her feet while she watches for awhile. Then I can get into bed and help her with that horny wet pussy that has formed. This weekend was no exception.

When it was time to get in bed with her, her pussy was soaked. I went back and forth between petting her glistening clit while we kissed, and going down to lick the very tasty sweet spot. It seemed like she was especially wet down there. It looked so moist and welcoming. Maybe it's because I hadn't been inside in so long, but it was indeed as slippery, warm, fragrant, and overall good as a pussy could be. She told me she wished I could fuck her. I agreed to the point of actually asking if I could try. She asked how close I was, and I didn't lie. I told her that it was likely to produce an accident. She gave a look that said "oh darn, I guess you're not trying tonight". No matter, though. I wasn't expecting it anyway since the agreement. And besides, the lifelike dildo was within reach. I got it lubed up and put it up against her clit. As I started to rub up and down, she let out a moan. I could tell she didn't want to wait any longer to get
fucked, so I entered her with it. Her moan this time indicated that she was finally getting what she wanted. So I proceeded to take her to heaven. She didn't hold back her moans of pleasure since we were alone in the house, but she was indeed being pleased at a very high level. Ever since the dildo came back into play, the orgasms have been more intense than usual. And just like the other couple of times, she kept repeating how good this one was after she came.

After she recovered from what seemed like as earth shattering as a sexual experience she could have, she told me she wanted me to feel as good as I just made her feel. She was still intoxicated by her post orgasmic bliss. She asked me what she could do for me to make me feel good like she felt. I think I could have just entered her and released, ending the entire agreement and dealing with the regrets we'd both have later. But instead, I decided to reinforce the new status quo. I told her all I wanted from her is to be denied such a good feeling until after she fucks her friend again. We cuddled a little before finally going to sleep. The next morning, still alone our house, I took the opportunity to give her a pedicure. I was energized and eager to do chores for her all day too. And she also liked how much I wanted to cuddle that day as well. It was obvious that letting me come in any capacity would have been a mistake.

There is such an incredible amount of irony in the fact that the feeling of ecstasy my sexual frustration and denial creates is equal to that of my wife's orgasms. I'm sure that eventually I will regret this decision and become overly anxious to be a real man for her in bed. It will probably be too late, though. My wife will get accustomed to having such pampering and want to keep me this way. And just like she turned a once given right to see her topless into a very rare privilege, it will be all my fault.

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  1. Yes, it does sound like she is going to want to keep you that way. And is sounds like you are ready and willing to submit to her wishes.

    Thanks for sharing your journey into submission with her.