Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting what I wanted, and some that I didn't

I am just going to get right to it, because something happened the other night that was a huge surprise. So much so that I wasn't even sure if my wife was serious when she put these new rules into effect. I had trouble sleeping that night thinking of the new standard. And even though I wanted to blog about it right away, I felt the need to take some time, let it sink in, and make sure we she was planning on following through with this before crying wolf to all of you. I'm still not sure if she's going to stick with it.

So the other night, my wife had called me on her way home. She was in one of those moods. She wanted sex. At the time, I had been thinking a lot about my wishes to go back to a more chastity based lifestyle, at least for a little while. I decided that I would use the dildo on her and see where it took things. I got out the 7 inch realistic dildo that had given her several orgasms in the past, and some lube. I put it near the bed before she got home. We hadn't gotten the dildo out in such a long time. She mentioned that although it did a much better job at fucking her than I did, it didn't quite have the feel of the real thing. Our use of it dwindled. But I was going to break it out again and remind her of what she has been missing since her last meeting with her boyfriend.

We finally got to bed, and started making out. Soon she was on her stomach and I had my tongue buried in her pussy and then her ass. I warmed her up until she was really wet. That is when I started getting the dildo ready for her. All lubed up, I stuck it in slowly. She let out a sigh of pleasure. As I started moving it in and out of her wet pussy, she eventually got up on all fours and rocked back and forth on it. Later she would admit that she thought it was my dick in her at first, but quickly realized what it was because it stayed hard in her for longer than a minute. Soon the rhythm of the dildo fucking her, her fucking back on it, and my fingers massaging her clit, sent her into orgasm. She gripped the realistic cock with her legs as she collapsed, and shook a while longer before finally letting go. She then told me how good it was.

It was at that time that I said something that I may deeply regret. I was hard as a rock in a pair of pink panties and my precum had formed a huge wet spot. With my thoughts being completely controlled by my penis, I asked her if she would like the dildo to take the place of my penis for awhile, until after she sees her fuck buddy again. As in, my penis not being allowed inside her until after he gets another chance to fuck her. It was a hypothetical question that I didn't think she would even answer. I thought I'd get a rise out of her while also showing how much I was enjoying being denied.

But then she said ok. And this wasn't just a usual ok. Her tone of voice suggested that she loved the idea. I didn't expect this at all. She had always wanted to feel me inside of her, even if it was for ten seconds. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes. She told me that it may be a long time before she sees her FB again, and that I could be in for a long haul. If I haven't explained before in the blog, he lives in another town and they have to plan well in advance. This could take months. I think I could have backed out right then and said I was just kidding. Instead, I felt brave and said "If that's alright with you". She then said it was.

By that time, we had gotten in a position to cuddle, her sexually satisfied and me still sporting a boner in a pair of panties soaked with precum. At that moment, I realized that I never thought about how I was going to come if it wasn't inside of her. I asked her "What about when I get to come?". I was thinking maybe she would give me hand jobs or let me jack off on her legs or feet or something.

"You can do that by yourself, once every three weeks", she said with a laugh. To which I asked if she was serious and she said yes.

"Like, without you present?", I asked, trying to understand exactly what this meant.

"Right. You can jack off in the bathroom like a teenager", she said, and laughed some more. I was in total shock. She was into this, and laughing about it. There was a little more small talk about it, mainly me telling her that this was turning me on whether I'll regret it or not, but we eventually got tired and went to sleep. That is, as much as I could sleep with that big news dropped on me.

The next day, I had trouble imagining that she would go through with this. I asked her if she was just playing and she said no. So I asked why she was laughing and she said she thinks it is funny that she can make me do things like that. I agreed, but was still pretty stunned at all of this. It seems that she is more into this than I thought. I knew we had taken a break after the first time she cuckolded me and things never really got back to where they were as far as her controlling me long term. Maybe she's just ready to go back to those days. She definitely seems more comfortable now and seems to be tapping into that teasing style that I knew she had.

I think I am ready too. Like I said in the past, our full-time roles as dominant wife and cuckold husband in chastity were powerful, and perhaps overwhelming. After over a year long break from the hardcore practice of it, I think we are going into this a little wiser, and a little more prepared for how strong this can be. I may be getting all worked up over nothing, because she may not hold to this plan. But if so, I will not be having intercourse with my wife for a long time.

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