Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Getaway Followed By A Winter Slump

For me, nothing slows a mood down faster than the cold, dreary season of winter. The hustle and bustle of the holidays doesn't help either. There is just no time to think about the sexy things in life. Maybe I should start with where I left on in my last entry.

I was on a four week bout of chastity and horny as ever. The anticipation and pent up frustration was to finally meet its destination in the form of our weekend getaway. And yes, it did happen. My wife and I got a hotel room downtown near the nightlife.

The plan was for us to have some drinks, she would flirt around a little, and we would see where things went from there. So we went to some of the known establishments. She tried to find some guys she liked. She did converse with one or two guys, but the vibe just wasn't there. Anything more would have seemed like forcing the issue. We decided after awhile that it was time to go back to the room and make our own fun.

When we got there, she sat on the bed and told me to remove her boots and socks. Once I did that, I did what came naturally for a sub with four weeks of denial and started licking. I licked and slurped on her feet like a desperate dog trying to gain acceptance from his owner. She smiled the whole time, and once I felt she'd had enough of my worship, we both got into more sexy attire. I wore a lacy white thong and she wore a black push-up bra with matching boy shorts. We ordered some porn on the tv and as she laid down on the bed, I took my place on the floor beside her.

As we watched the big dicked studs plow into the horny women on the screen, it was evident how turned on she was by her wetness and how she pulled me into bed with her. I fingered her while she watched the fucking. It was the only way to simulate the adult movie since my penis was ready to explode at the slightest caress. With my fingers, I could control things, and as the guy on the screen had the woman doggy style, slapping her ass, I was slapping hers. She loved it. She loved how I teased her clit, prolonging the pleasure. She was being treated like a slut while my penis stood by idly. It was the next best thing to her actually getting fucked by another man. It was followed by her intense and well built up orgasm.

When it was finally my turn to release, the mood wasn't as intense. We both knew that I was going to cum upon entry, which I did. For me it was quick, not satisfying, and she didn't even take her bra off. The next morning, we went at it and I was still too sensitive to perform any kind of rhythm, so mostly I just kept myself inside of her while fingering her clit. She still didn't let me see her naked breasts because she knew I would cum even faster. Still, I came before I could get her off, and ended up finishing her with my mouth on her clit while tasting my own cum. And finally, later on that day, we had sex for a third time. I fucked her doggy style and lasted about thirty seconds.

It is truly a great physical feeling to have three releases inside the woman you love and worship. And there was some kinky play and submission, like me wearing panties, being denied the sight of my wife's big tits the entire weekend, and the humiliation of my feeble attempts at fucking. Many, many men would have loved to trade places with me. Still, I can't help but compare things to our most intense sexual exploits. One weekend getaway in particular comes to mind when she shoved a huge realistic dildo down my throat, slapping me in the face while telling me how pathetic my dick is, all before fucking the dildo and telling me how much better "he" is before finally orgasming on it. There were numerous times like that in the past which were just as intense, but we don't seem to be doing that anymore.

Maybe my wife feels that by actually cuckolding me as she did, she has taken "the game" far enough for me, as if to say she has already done her part, and none of this is about her. As much enthusiasm as she has taken when playing over the years, I still worry that this may be true. Or maybe it is really just the dull mood of the dreary winter.

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