Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting reacquainted with an old friend

Last night started out like any other Friday night where you have drinks and retire to the bedroom with a little buzz and feel like having some fun. Not that it is the case every Friday night, but you get my drift. My wife and I started making out to kick off the inevitable oral worship she would receive. But the whole time, I was having trouble letting her touch my penis for fear of having an accident. She loves touching me and feeling how hard I get for her. I'm guessing it was quite a letdown for her that she could not stroke me and feel like she was in bed with a capable man. Still, my oral skills kept things at bay, and I satisfied her otherwise.

After her orgasm, we cuddled and kissed a little more. As we made small talk, she mentioned how she couldn't believe how excited I've been getting. I agreed with her. Then she told me that maybe I should be locked up until I get to cum. That she didn't want to risk me having a wet dream or accident during this time. To be honest, I quickly agreed since I hadn't been under such control in awhile and was curious to experience it again. But of course, that was also because I was hard as a rock and being controlled sounds best at that time.

I pulled out my CB3000 from its box in the closet. At that moment I realized just how long it has been. My wife hasn't been with her fuck buddy in months, and the last time I took it off was after she came back from meeting him. It still had the ksd-g2 in place. For those who don't know, the ksd stands for keepsake device, and it is an insert that is supposed to prevent you from pulling out. Now everyone who is familiar with chastity devices knows that the CB series is not escape proof no matter what you do. But this is one added measure that will do a bit of damage to your penis if you pull it out. I like having that extra safeguard. Anyway, I locked it in place and that feeling of helplessness on my still aroused but softening penis brought back that old and familiar feeling of submission, especially when I put the key on her nightstand.

For the next two weeks, I will only be out of my cage during showers and also at work. This isn't Fort Knox by any means, but some circumstances just don't allow me to wear it 24/7. Which is fine, because it contributes to the fact that I have had this device for at least six years and it is still intact (hopefully I didn't jinx it). Otherwise, I will feel this mass of plastic between my legs at home and out with friends. As I sit and type this today, the absolute need to be locked up like this feels a bit premature. Now that I am not at full mast with my hot wife staring down at me, the regrets are there. But overall I am glad she wants this for me. We both know how much better I am as a husband when my hormone levels are bouncing off the ceiling yet kept in check under lock and key.


  1. Wow.
    I can just imagine how excited and sensitive you must have been. Whew.
    At least you pleased your Wife well :)
    Now, it must be something to be back caged... You'll be locked, and a better help to you... but perhaps even more helpless when the key is used to release you!

  2. Just thought I would mention that with any sort of penis piercing. Prince Albert, Frenum, etc. A thin chain can be passed through one of the CB slots, through the piercing ring and then back out of the CB. Both ends of the chain can then be locked at the CB padlock. It is then 100% escape proof.