Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Going back into lockup

It looks like the break is over. I was denied for the first time since September, and it may lead to more D/s play. Last night, my wife and I started fooling around, and one thing led to another. The kissing turned into making out, and then became me going down on her. I didn't take her panties off, but I slid them to the side, exposing her beautiful pussy. While I worshipped between her legs, I became hard as a rock, and was nearly fighting off an accident of my own. Soon she was cumming. After that came the talk I have had many times before.

"I want you to fuck me. Can you fuck me?" she asked. "See how much I want you?", she said as we both noticed how drenched she was.

I told her that I was really close to cumming and was going to shoot in her quickly. I asked her if that was ok. She thought about it for a second. Even though she has been telling me to go ahead lately, she changed directions and mentioned how it probably wouldn't be worth it. She slipped the crotch of her panties back into place.

"I think I'll make you wait awhile." she said, and also added that our weekend getaway was in a few weeks and she'd like me to be really horny and attentive until then. If that wasn't enough, she added that I wasn't really doing a good job fucking her anyway.

So it turns out that some of the things on my mind these last few weeks were also of some significance to her. It was good to know that we were both on the same page when it came to playing again. Even though I could have exploded into a hot wet pussy if I would have just kept my mouth shut, things seemed right.

By the way, the pic is not me, nor is it the device I use. But it is a good image of what is to come.

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  1. When she said it probably wouldn't be worth it, and put her panties back into place, I can just imagine how you felt. Excited about the D/s again, but aching to be denied.