Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forced Vanilla

A little over a month ago, I was preparing myself for a significant amount of chastity, service, and cuckolding. Due to unforeseen events, all things were put on hold. But this isn't turning out to be a typical break from the kink where I have regular sex with my wife, frequent orgasms, and a mind clear of the horny thoughts that occupy my attention. Instead, this is becoming a mixture of no play and no release. This area of limbo is proving to be the worst.

When we are in the midst of our Femdom games, the feeling of denial is bearable because there is no expectation of me being the provider of good sex. It is accompanied by verbal torment of my pathetic attempt at intercourse, which makes the game more fun for us. But once my wife is done dominating and denying me for awhile, we have sex about three times during the weekend and things go back to a more vanilla marriage.

The difference this time is that we haven't had enough time to have sex so frequently. We have only had sex about once every couple of weeks, clearly not enough times to curb my appetite for sex. I'm still very horny but there is no outlet for my kinky submissive tendencies right now. I wish very much to put on panties and lick my wife's shoes, but we are not in Femdom mode. I wish to talk with my wife about the sex she has with her boyfriend, but there has been no recent encounter and may not be for quite some time. I wish I could either fuck her the right way or be locked up and denied that right because these twenty second fuck sessions aren't really rocking her world either.

We are planning a weekend getaway soon. I hope she lets me indulge in some of the service oriented play. But until then, it is a hard road to travel for someone with horny kinky thoughts and no outlet.

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  1. Good luck! I'm having a bit of a dry spell myself the past couple weeks, and share your frustration... hopefully soon, eh?