Friday, September 2, 2011

Wife puts me back in my place

I know I haven't kept up with the blog lately, but there has been little to talk about. Over the last few months or more, things had gone to a rather vanilla state. My wife did cuckold me once over the summer, but for the most part things have been normal. We've been having regular sex, no denial, and no real servitude. Well, it seems things are about to change.

It started earlier this week. We hadn't really had time for intimacy in a couple of weeks. Many other things in our lives dictated that. And due to the lack of sex, I was getting very horny. So the other day, my wife was laying on our bed reading, wearing short shorts that made me take notice of her tan legs and sexy little feet, toes painted bright pink. I had an irresistible urge to kneel down and just start kissing her feet. The kissing got heavier until it became licking. She mentioned that it had been awhile since she had gotten much attention to her feet, and I agreed. For a couple more days, I found myself kissing them whenever I got the chance.

A couple of nights ago, we decided that it was time to break the drought and have sex. We made out, and eventually I found myself between her legs licking frantically. She was very horny too, and it was evident by the way she reacted to my oral worship. It didn't take her long to have an orgasm. Now lately, the next thing would be for me to get up and start fucking her from there. The thing was, it had been a long time for me and I could tell that I was already close to my orgasm without any stimulation by her other than me sort of dry humping her leg during the oral. So when I got up from between her legs, she started to reach for my penis and noticed I was a little guarded with it. She knew what that meant.

I told her that I was pretty close to cumming, and then she said she wasn't going to let me cum anyway. She said that she likes the way I'd been acting the last few days and thought it would be good if things went back to the way they were. I had mixed feelings about it, but decided to ask if I could fuck her and we could talk about it afterward. She said no, and I pleaded with her to reconsider. She stood firm and said that she wanted me to suffer for her since I had slacked off for so long. The more she talked about how she wanted things to be, the less able I was to stand my ground. So without putting up much of a fight, I conceded to her and made mental preparations for being her submissive once again. As she laid down to sleep for the night, I made my way to the panty drawer and put on a pair, making her smile as she drifted off to sleep.

Since then, I've learned that she's made plans to see her boyfriend again in the near future. Not only that, she says when I am allowed to fuck her, I'm to wear condoms indefinitely. This adds insult to injury since her boyfriend is allowed to go bareback. At this time, I'm able to handle this situation and I'm still aroused by it. I hope I keep that feeling.

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  1. Wow... can picture this scene... and your intense desire.
    Your Wife's turning you down must have been something...knowing it will all start up again!