Saturday, July 23, 2011

What is considered cheating for a submissive husband?

A man who lives in a real Wife-led-marriage is disciplined, obedient, and loyal to his wife. I would venture to say that they are the least likely to stray out of all men. Their wives keep them in a condition to serve and put their focus in life on their better halves. That being said, a man is only a man, not without flaws, and with a healthy libido will be attracted to other women. But given the status of the submissive husband, is there an elevated expectation of him that gives him a different, more strict set of rules? At what point would the WLM husband be a cheater?

We can start by walking backwards. Of course, if any man has sex with another woman behind his wife's back, that is cheating. And you can also consider merely kissing to be along those same lines. Some say that cyber sex with a woman online is cheating, to which I agree. And many women would also say that if her husband is flirting heavily with another woman, he is going to be in the doghouse if not out on the street soon.

But then you get to the gray areas. A man masturbating to porn, or just masturbating while thinking of a woman other than his wife? Some women will give their husbands a pass, though some won't.

How about just looking at pictures or porn without masturbating? Same thing?

Or what about just daydreaming, fantasizing about a woman you know and are attracted to?

And finally, would seeing an attractive woman on the street or in a store and having impure thoughts be considered cheating for a WLM husband?

You could argue that every example I gave could be considered cheating if a dominant wife deemed so. It would be interesting to know where people in the lifestyle stand on this issue.


  1. How about a man fantazing about be dressed as a woman?

  2. I think that "cheating" takes place, or is in effect when two people are sucking, kissing, biting, fucking etc. Not a fantasy, not masturbation, nor porn, nor anything else that remains in the mind, but when actual physical contact and acts are happening.

  3. Taking a broader view, I've found its OK to do most of these things, but if fantasies are thought about too much (facilitated by porn or otherwise) then its destructive to relationships and possibly, in extremis, sanity!