Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why would somebody actually want to be a cuckold?

It's usually the most commented thread in any kinky forum. You've probably seen this question the most in every cuckold related discussion. But not only is it hard to explain to someone why we want to be a cuckold, it's hard to understand it ourselves.

There are a hundred reasons why a man is sexually aroused when his wife has sex with another man. So let's put the bullshit stereotype that "Men just want to explore their homosexual side" to rest. Sure there is a small percentage that get off on partaking in bisexual activity, but most of the time even that is more because they are doing something so taboo, so degrading, humiliating, and damaging to their ego that they are getting off on the principal of it more than anything. Anyway, as I was saying, the many reasons out there differ from individual to individual.

I've tried to understand the true reason why I enjoy it, but I'm still not sure I know the real reason. But one big thing I enjoy is that it makes me feel like I'm in high school again. The seemingly sex starved, perpetually horny teenager, who admires the ultra hot and popular cheerleader from afar. And my wife was that type in high school so it's even easier to correlate. And just as a teenager when I had no chance of bagging the popular girl, all I can do is dream and lust after my wife while she does her thing, having sex with her boyfriend. It's a hot scenario. And then when I do get to have sex with her after all of the cuckold play, it's that much more amazing.

Who knows? Maybe we all get our cuckolding desire from the sperm competition theory. Maybe every other reason we give only caters to ourselves but is still an extension of the same basic primal urge. No matter what the reason, I love it, love it, love it.


  1. I've always found it interesting that so many either want, or others assume that the guy wants to be cuckolded. With my husband that was not the case. His desire for sex, my desire to tease and deny him, torment him, leaving him with blueballs, plus his desire to see me happy eventually "won out" his disgust and aversion.

  2. I dated a guy who was turned on my the thought of me having sex with other men. I never attributed it to any cuckholding as he loved fucking me as much as the next guy. I always just thought he loved the idea of watching me receive pleasure from someone else. He just really enjoyed sex.

    Everyone has their own reasons but mostly I think it's the arousal knowing that you are giving pleasure to the female and being able to take a non-direct activerole while doing so.

  3. Just wanted to say Hi and that I like your style of writing --- and the topic, of course!

  4. I am not sure why I enjoy my wife having lovers and at times rubbing my nose in it. I am sure that it is a complex mess. A girlfriend in an earlier long term relationship fooled around some and that did have some influence on the relationship ending. But I'd also wanted to try swinging with her and while I disliked her fucking other men part of the reason I didn't like it was I wanted to be and be a part of it. I also enjoyed other men wanting my GF. So I have to admit that I hated in some ways my GF fucking others, and she did it in a way that our friends knew it but I was also very turned on by it. We tried swinging after our first few mfm and in the long run it turned out that we both enjoyed mfm and her dating as well as dating with me along.

  5. The reason I want my wife to take other lovers is very simple… she is a Goddess and deserves better than me. I was always a compromise – a good provider, father and companion, sensitive and intelligent and without a big ego. But I have never been a great lover in the sense of raw attraction and power, stamina and size. From time to time, my wife needs these things and it is her right to have them.

    Her taking lovers is not really about me. She does it and sometimes I know in advance or at the time, sometimes I am entirely in the dark – there are, I am sure, men I know nothing about. Her lovers are about her pleasures and her needs. We cuckolds often make the mistake. I am sure that when my wife is with a lover, I am not present for her in any way until she begins the process of disengaging from him and returning to me and her home life.

  6. There are so many reasons we love cuckolding and sometimes one becomes more important than the others. Mainly, it keeps us at the peak of intimacy with each other.