Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lady Barbara

Surfing along, I came across (no pun intended) a video clip of a woman who quickly caught my eye. Her name is Lady Barbara, and she is a mature leg and foot fetish model/porn star. She is from Germany. I'm not usually as fond of the foreign stuff because I'm a big fan of really vocal domination, so a different language doesn't help with that. But with Lady Barbara, her curvy legs, mature to the point of stern mother-like looks, and naturally dominant demeanor, the visual is all it takes for me to fall under the spell.

She has many video clips that you can find on, but the ones I like are the foot worshipping slave vids. My favorite is a clip where she's out in her backyard on one of those long outdoor chairs lounging while a slave wearing only a collar, leash, high heels, and a small apron is on his knees worshipping her feet. She is telling him commands which I cannot understand, but you can tell she is in complete control. After the slave massages and worships her feet for awhile, he is finally allowed to jack off on them. He strokes his small penis until a huge load shoots onto her perfectly tanned feet. Then she immediately lifts them up to his face as he licks up his mess.

This portrays what my ultimate cuckold life would be like, assuming she has sex with other men while me, the husband, is denied that pleasure. It made me think that I could actually, in real life, handle having such limited access to my wife if my rare release dates were played out in scenes that sexy.

So I just wanted to share this reference with everyone since it was so mind blowing to me.

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